my name is skhumalo. I found out i was. Hiv + january 2012...
My cd4 was 208 and viral load 1100 when i first found out about my status.
Two months later i met this lovely lady and we started dating and accepted my status after i told her.
Now we having a problem because she desperately wants to have a baby with me and its starting to affect our relationship because i refuse to have unprotected sex with her since my current cd4 is 467 and viral load is 167
Please advise

sexon28 sexon28
2 Responses Dec 12, 2012

Here is part of a article on the you can read the entire article if you go there

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Getting Pregnant: HIV-Positive Man and HIV-Negative Woman (Serodiscordant)

From The Well Project

October 2012
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There are several different options for reducing the chances of passing on HIV while trying to get pregnant. If you are an HIV+ man and an HIV-negative woman seeking information on getting pregnant, the options below will help you understand what might be the best for you, and to prepare for discussions with your health care provider. (For other options, you can return to the main "Getting Pregnant and HIV" page.)

What about adoption?