Young, Healthy, Few Partners and Recently Positive For HIV

My adventure with this disease started a little over 6 months ago. I'm a energetic 22 year old female who has only been with 3 partners I ALWAYS used protection until a friend of mine (3rd partner) forced himself on me. When first finding out about being positive I was confused and I guess you could say in denial. Now 6 months later I'm well aware of what's going on inside my body and discussed with myself. I never in my life would have thought I would become a carrior. I just saw this website and a lot of you have helped me accept it more but the fact that this can kill me is honestly the scariest thought ever. Thanks for reading. Support and opinions would be greatly appreciated.
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Hang in there. You are still an energetic 22 year old female.....even though you may not realize it yet. I hope you have now had time to look at "the devastating rubble" of your reality and begun building your new life. Take it day by day, realizing some days will be great/full of hope and others will be dark and dismal. Just remember, you can still "live"!!!! You are young with a lifetime ahead of you. People now are living more than 20years.....realize that is 20 years AND COUNTING. People aren't just falling over dead at 20years....they are still living.

Well Im sorry to hear. I'm almost going through the same is issues. I need to tackle this problem just like you. Friendship and comprehend ship is that only thing we can offer. We might live mile or countries away but we're still in the same battle for life. Time is the best medicine and expressing hurt.

offering my love, friendship, and loyalty.

Dear EP user do not despair there is always hope in situations such as this all I can say for now is that knowldge is power, it might help if you watch a documentary 'house of nubers' it might help you get to terms with this owful scare. Watch it several times it will also lead you to othe site, lookout for a site Help for HIV it is also a good site I would not worry about being branded a denilist this about discovery. Good luck and please educate others if you find it helpful. God bless

I think it's normal to be a little bit scared at first. I mean realizing you have HIV is a shock to say the least. It is rough. I found out a few years ago. But stay on top of it, focus on keeping yourself healthy and you'll be just fine. Keep up with your doctor and you'll be able to manage. Most importantly, don't stop enjoying life! Take care!!

What you have side is very good but it will also helpful to watch a documentary on youtube entitled house of numbers then you can follow othe links connected to it