Tonite Its Hitting Me Hard

Idk how ne one.cud disreguard.sum1s life like he did mine I was 19. How cud he jus rob me of my life n not even care...sumtimes I think it will get easier then I have nites like tonite n I just lay in bed n cry n cry.idk wat to do ne more I strong.but this.has broke me as a person!
anthonysmommy36 anthonysmommy36
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I don't know if he's in prison but should be You didn't leave that scum on the streets ???

stay strong

I am sorry. So, I take it you don't have sex..that sucks

That Dosent stop me from having sex

Nice. What you do for fun?

Ne thing that makes me smile

I love that answer. add me please.

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I feel just like that.

I'm so sorry this is ver heartbreaking

I wrote this story last year I have come along way since this