Hiv Exposure!!!! Do I Have It??? Please Read And Help Me!!!

i knew this girl 1 or 2 weeks prior to us having sex. on october 31 2012 me and her had sex. we had sex three times that nite. all times i did use a condom. im about 95 percent sure the condom didnt break. i remember taking it off each time and throwing it away. now this girl told me she was neg and i no for a fact she did have a lot of ex boyfriends and all. she had many many tats and a bunch of piercings and majority of them by her mouth lips and tongue. she did give me oral sex with no condom 2 times but about 20 sec. im soooo scared that i have might got hiv from her. ive notice two weeks ago i have what appears to be a rash.. i have a few red bumps here and looks like folliculitis. i have not lost weight or no fever. i have a white tongue and i dont think my lymph nodes are swollen...i dont no what to do..these red dots on my skin are new and if anyone is willing i ccan take a pic and show u!!!! i need help
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did you ever find out what it was, going through the same situation