Have Anyone Get Positive After 8 Weeks Negative Test?

Hi All,
I am living (not really)in window period for Hiv, slept with hiv+ partner. got neg at 8 weeks after possible exposure.
Can anyone plz. help me if they tested and become hiv positive after 8 weeks negative. or after 3 months possible exposure?

I know it will be very difficult to share and also remember the whole story for positives but it can really help me and ease others who are living in same situation.

thanks in advance
sagarpoz2013 sagarpoz2013
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I myself am negative but had a bit of a scare awhile back and thought i might have contracted it, id say it depends on the type of test they do but id say after two months you would know, not getting to personal but did you use protection and how many times do you and this said person have sex?

it was combo elisa+p24, ciml. it was unprotected.it was only once for 5 minutes.
she asked me to not use condom, dont know why. and i foolishly follow her. Even i know that its dangerous. dont know what was happened to me at that time.
may be god want to punish me by blindfold my mind.
there is a saying in india at the time of disaster, our wisdom gone off.
what i am feeling now...
let see where life will take me.....
thanks for reading

hi sagar nothing to worry, if you have sex with positive once it may not be infected always, and for every problem there will be solution, and dont blame that lady what evr she is bcz its your mistake to go to her, its your mistake you listened to her, you will be negative be confident, you can share with my email drsalman056@gmail.com

or else you do pcr qualitative test or pcr proviral dna test you wil get results perfectly

Hi Drsalman,
thanks for the reading and reply Yes it was my mistake.But what can do now. Have u seen any other case similar like me. exposed with HIV +. and come back negative.
or anyone who turns positive after 8 months negative?

hi sagar, see the hiv tests are antibody tests, actually antibody are not hiv antigen thats why it is difficult to say negative or positive at once now, better you improve your immunity to attack virus so that it will completely gets washed off,

where you locate in india

www.baariz.com is also fake dont encourage it bcz positive people are very innocent, only our immunity when balanced and directed in a right way it will knock out the hiv not any external herbs, there are many frauds who simply say that they will cure, it is not true, cure can be done by only once by one man not by all

sorry dr.,
actually i just saw their testimony on youtube. and that person is also from pakistan who can also judge them very closely.
i am from haryana, from where are you.?
should PCR test conclusive at this point of time for me 11 weeks post exposure?
Have you any idea is there possibiliy of cure in near future for HIV. Its going to become a big epidemic sepcially in india.

to be frank even pcr also not very perfect, it also gives many false positive results, i am from bombay

yes cure is there, no problem exists without cure

we have wait for it patiently, there is doc in south, he is doing work on this, his concepts working efficiently, i also think he can cure it scientifically, you can contact him as his approach is natural way of activating our own immunity against hiv

There is no cure for hiv, these people are making money of you(uneducated). The meds available will prolong your life but there is NO CURE... yet. When there is a cure, the whole world will know. Some shady "Dr" would not need to advertise their false product here if it was a cure

so what should i do in this situation, is 3 months elisa is conclusive.
hard time for me! afraid of taking toxic arv's which kills you.
whole life is front of me! what would i do?
also started feeling in groin area. seems death is better than life.

*pain in groin area and painless bumps around urethra

one of my patient consulted him, he is doing great now, by that results i am confident about his work, he will succeed, soon there will be cure i think

Your an idiot

oh sorry to hear that, do not neglect this symptom, there is something going wrong, get corrected as early as possible,life will have ups and downs don worry at all, evrything will be alright

i also heard about gp institute, hyderabad, are they also fraud! or they have something. Any idea!.
your comments lessen some pressure upon me. if there is cure. then the fear automitcally gone away. lets hope for the cure asap.

Hi Sagarpoz2013, dont listen to drsalman056. He is blabbering something totally irrelevant. As of now, there has been no cure for HIV. Period, no cure... But you can come across lots of scams. Just ignore that.

Your test results after 8 weeks is a very good relief. My dad is a doctor and in his career, he has never come across a patient that has turned HIV positive after 8 weeks of negative test results. But, this experience of his is based on 3rd generation HIV antibody testing. So you dont have to worry too much. You are definitely HIV Negative. If you really want quick peace of mind, go for the PCR HIV test. The results are 99% accurate after 2-3 weeks of contact. Good luck and be careful from now on.

Sagarpoz2013, the symptoms that you are experiencing could be nothing major or could be something related to other STDs. Have you tested for gonorrhea, chlamydia, herpes etc? gonorrhea, chlamydia are far more infectious than HIV =, Herpes. So if you have not tested for those, go and get tested to avoid any future problems. Good things is there is cure for gonorrhea and chlamydia. Even your stress could bring up lot of similar symptoms. So take a deep breath, go and get tested for a complete STD panel. I am very certain that you are HIV negative, but if you really want, get tested using PCR HIV test.

yup even a late shown up. some diease may show up later

Hi Quick,
thanks for your comments, it give me some relief.
I had HIV antibodies 1 & 2 screenin combo test p24 CMIA from Dr. lal path lab (Reputed in india). Dont know its 3rd generation or other.
Plz. confirm if you have any idea about it.

Most reputed firms/labs use at least 3rd gen. Some use 4th gen. The latest one is 4th gen that decreased the window period by 5-10 days. 3rd gen tests are very accurate after 6-8 weeks of contact and 4th gen are very accurate after 4-6 weeks of contact. Most doctors advise patients to do a followup test after 3 months just to cover for the less than 1% people who develop antibodies late because of some other issues such as weak immune system (if he/she had any organ transplantation for example)

As per the http://hivinsite.ucsf.edu/insite?page=basics-01-01 , HIV antibody test using p24 is 4th generation. That means, you may have taken the 4th gen HIV Test ar Dr.Lalpath's lab.

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