😩Husband With AIDS AND ME HIV+

😱😩😥me and my husband just found out he had hiv and when I heard that from the doctors in the hospital I felt like my world came down I felt like it was the end for me.i still feel as wonder when am I goin to die.my husband has 38 count of tcells and is considered aids already is hard when I heard that all i can think was my bb she is one she has it too but thank god she is neg.but me on the other side am positive I feel so depressed and want to sleep so I don't think about it.i don't want to tell my parents I am a scared if the way they will react towards me. My husband and I am not ready for more surprises can anyone advice me what should I do.i just turned 26 n feel like dying but I am even more scared o my children staying alone.i don't want to die.jm trying to be supportive to my husband he feels guilty for him passing me that damn illness.i just hope I last many years and see my children grow up.wish me luck and pray for my family.😪💋
Daexdiva26 Daexdiva26
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Sorry to hear about the mis fortune of being diagnosed with it.. Please dont fret or worry because medication today ensures we live into old age. I am hiv+ as well am only two years older than you but one thing you got to remember is to live your life as you and dont let this virus rule you... C mon im sure ya a fighter and your see this trough.. Your children will grow up and have just as much love as others.. Withg regards to your husband i have faith in a recovery being made by todays medicines because a friend of mine was diagnosed with serious aids and a CD4 of 049 which is dangerously low and his now back to full health thanks to the miricles of medicine so please dont worry as the meds will help his body restore... Between you both unite together in this loving relationship and flourish just the way you was and your both be together forever xx

Hi Daexdiva
Sorry to hear about you. Its very unfortunate and difficult to deal the situation.
Plz. dont get hopeless You are not alone millions of people outthere are like you.
Be positive, anxity will lessen your cd4 count and harm your immune system. You have many more years ahead to live. Live for you kids. You will definitely see them growing.
Just let this time phase to pass. Soon you feel better and you should have faith in God. Who help you to deal the situation with the strength. We all here pray for you.
God bless you.