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Hello my name is Tyler, I just needed to get this off my chest, i'am hiv positive and have been for a few yrs now, when i found i went into shock and kept thinking nothing but death. As time went on my view on life has grew from a negative to a positive with the help of a few friends. I live in Canada and knowing the fact the statisics are not too high up here , i guess i'm just looking for someone to talk to or meet . The thing i guess bothers me the most is how i took the time to at least look into the virus and figure what i can do and don't, when i approach people about it and try to explain and thats when the view of you changes on the person towards u, kinda makes me feel just wanting to lock up and let life go by. its really hard to have a relationship with the opposite sex knowing of this, and what really woke me up was that this is not just a gay communitee and it effects everyone. What to do??

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Dont dispare,I also had the same experience but when i decide to open up,i joined a HIV dating site and there I found the love of my life.We r getting married soon and am expecting his baby.With his support we live a normal and healthy life.And we r happy.Ur match is out there go for it!!!!!Goodluck

Look at the brighter side of life in all you do,believe in your own strength,try to stay happy and positive at all times,dream big and eliminate all limiting thoughts in your mind. Enjoy life to the fullest positively,each time you wake up thank GOD for all your blessings and each time you go to bed thank GOD for keeping you well throughout the day.The law of attraction states that "likes attracts likes" choose wisely and keep in mind that the disease is mainly in the mind than in the body! Stop focusing on the illness or talking about it at all,think of yourself as very healthy and happy and i promise you it shall come to pass. Beautiful good ladies that will love you for who you are, are abundant in this world. Just wish, ask , believe and GOD shall provide. {Big hug} i wish you the best. you can always talk to me if you need someone to talk to, i recommend an inspirational book by the name the "SECRET" it will make you feel so alive!:)

Tyler, <br />
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I read about discordant couples. One is HIV postivie and the other is not. There are some who even get to have kids who's hiv negative too. When there's life there's hope. It may not be as easy but it is still valuable. <br />
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I hope to hear an HIV success story from you in the future. Have faith, relax, be happy and responsible. All shall be well!

Tyler, just know that you're not the only one going thru it man. I recently found out I was positive and I broke down in tears. It was so hard for me to tell my family and friends, but they've been nothing but helpful since i've told them.<br />
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Its funny, Im gay and having HIV is one of the main rumors about the gay community. But like you said, its not just homosexuals with the disease. I think that if people take the time out to learn more about the virus they would have a different outlook on things.<br />
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Keep ya head up and god bless you!

Least there is more hope these days with medications. Back in the day when I was diagnosed, my doctor told me to say goodbye to my loved ones implying that I was going to die soon. This really made me feel bad and give up, I wasted about 3 years waiting to die...<br />
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Now I have been HIV+ for almost 20 years and I have given up waiting to die as I realized I am still alive.<br />
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Tyler, I can understand what u must be going thru, the first few months after you found about ur HIV status must have been truamatic. As you would have found out by now, the current drugs on the market are pretty good and people with HIV now almost live a near normal life. Dont lose your zest for life, take each day as it comes, remain positive and am sure you will find someone wonderful who will love you for what you are. all the best

Tyler,<br />
I'm so sorry for your situation. It must feel very lonely and confusing at times. But, there are people that will<br />
love you regardless. Certainly, you will meet a lady who<br />
is willing to be with you as long as you have protected sex. Here is a site about a current story of a man with AIDS who had a bone marrow replacement and guess what? 20 months after his surgery, his is no longer hiv or aids positive. True story. Does this help lead the way to a cure? Absolutely. Although the surgery finanically is not feasible, it provides enormous information about the disease. Here is the link. Just cut and paste.

Bless, Welcome, You have found the best place to come to Ep. ((hugs))

(((hugs))) Don't lock up and let life go. Don't let those people get you down, brush them off. I'm happy that you turned from negative thinking into positive thinking :) Keep at doing that. <br />
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There are always going to be people who are ignorant about HIV and AIDS, and it's really their loss if they don't become more educated about it because they're missing out on the possibility of meeting really great people. But also, there are a lot of great people who don't discriminate against people with HIV. Keep your positive attitude and know that good people who don't think badly about people with HIV do exist :)