I am 20 years old and have been living with HIV my whole life. I found out last year November because my sister is also positive. I took to test to find out the truth. I do not know how I got it or was I born with it cause my mom passed away from it a few months after I was born. I may not be the most happiest but each day I try and stay strong.

I started taking ARV's April. It has been an eye opener. I am far away from my family ,at university ,the side effects are not the greatest. What keeps me afloat is my passions for writing, drawing and music and my friends. I want to encourage others out there who are also positive to stay positive, pun intended. I saw finding out about my status as a second chance at life.

I has always had a dream of traveling to anywhere, even if it is a couple of kilometres away from university. Sometimes I feel like I want to escape reality, to travel anywhere. Please do check out my page, the donations go towards a trip that I have been planning for a while now:


Thank you very much.
Tiwollen Tiwollen
22-25, F
Aug 17, 2014