Does anybody here have a HIV negative partner? I met a guy a couple of months ago but we only started dating 2 weeks ago. I want to be open and honest with him because he's a great guy and everything is going well but I am still waiting to see how the relationship is going to go before I disclose my status to him. I don't want to disclose to someone who's going to leave me or worse, tell everybody that we know about my status. We live in 2 different cities and I am not going to be sexually active with him until he knows about my status. I feel that I owe him the truth in that regard. But now I want to ask him how he feels about HIV positive people and get his views about it. But my worry is that he'll get suspicious and ask me directly and I don't want to lie about it.

So I'd like to hear from people who are dating or HIV negative people, how did you disclose? What was your partners initial reaction? How long did you wait before disclosing your status?

For now I'm going to assume that he's negative so that I can prepare myself for the worse case scenario. If he's also positive then I guess it won't be such a terrible thing and he might not leave me.
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I have learned the hard way, just get it out there in the open. I just lost my lover, bf because of my inability to let him know. Best of wishes to you.