I tested positive earlier this year, I am struggling emotionally, even though I am already on meds and undetectable. The past few months have felt like a living hell while telling some of my dearest friends. Considering we have had unprotected sex we have all been very distant with one another. I have felt alone, and struggled to help them feel better while they waited for the final test to let them know they were all negative. Even though I have bounds of happiness for them being hiv negative, I am also feeling very alone. Where depression and silence had become normal and I could avoid dealing with it that way, now I am left in a state of depression while everybody is able to begin healing and moving forward. I still have trouble smiling, and do not know how to move forward anymore.
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Never forget you're loved.

I want you to know that depression after finding out one's hiv positive status is quite common. You are doing good by staying on your medication, and by doing this, you will enjoy a healthy lifespan like everyone else. Continue enjoying life my friend, this disease is manageable, and you will get better with the support of family and friends.

is the depression coming from the medication.. I do have some depression but im sure its the medication that makes me feel that way.....you do not need to feel lonely we are all here searching for each other to keep each other company .....

I do not think it is the medication; that has had other effects, but the depression was before that. I do my best to not feel that way, and take the time daily to point out all of the good things in my life. That helps, but the depression is overwhelming some days. It is a day by day process for sure.

Hey, cheer up...everything's gonna be alright...you are never alone :)