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You Can Be Healed of Aids!

I was flipping the television channel to watch my favourite show when my grandmother came rushing into the room. I knew that was the end of my show! Every time she comes home from Arulagam, She always had an interesting story to tell. So, I sheepishly got up from the bed to hear her story. This time she did'nt say much. 'I am invited for the Hospice Inauguration, would you like to join in?', she quipped. I was around 17 years old that time, But I never knew what an hospice was. I had never heard that word. I guessed that it was some hospital. I hated to go to hospitals. Never been there that much and the last time was for my uncle's funeral so, I plainly refused.

Later that night, I was asking her more about the hospice and later I never thought of it again. After a few weeks, My grandma visited the hospice and told me about the kids there and also the other inmates. So, I wanted to visit it for myself.

I thought about the people there, the chapel she told me of and the children with AIDS. She had shown me some of the pictures. As I went to school, I thought of them sometimes.

After around six months, I finished my school and junior college. Before joining the university, I decided to volunteer in the hospice. I wanted to help the people in the hospice. My grandma spoke to her friend so that I could volunteer there for about two months before my university. I was looking forward to my trip to the hospice.

The day I reached the hospice, I felt very depressed. This was so different from my world. I was supposed to help in the children's section. A seven year old boy Sundar, an eight month old baby Priyanka, her brother Sathish around 4+ and another 5 year old boy Sakthi were the ones I was to care for. They did not go to school. They kind of fell sick quite often. I taught them some songs and to pray before they sleep each night. I was not alone. There was another lady who was permanently taking care of the children. She stayed with the children, but she was also managing the hospice.

I used to air dry the clothes in the terrace above the chapel and usually Sathish followed me there. He looked over at the tombstones far away. That was the hospice cemetary..just near the gate. He told me his Mom was there. I felt sad for him. He loves to tell me that they put his mom in a box and put her there..over and over again. I think he was too young to feel a thing. I wished his Mom was alive to see him grow.

I knew Jesus healed many people in the Bible. But I was not sure he would today. I never thought of it at all. I felt sorry for them. I wanted to do something to make them feel better but I never knew that God wanted to help them as well. I was so absorbed with how much I loved them. I never stopped to think of God or what he felt or anything like that. I heard stuff like sickness was part of life..and one of the reasons people fall sick is because they are sinful. I made friends with other people in the hospice as well. Most of them were HIV positive as well as the children I played with.

Most of the inmates told me that they had a sinful past, some were prostitutes formerly. The common thing they all said was, they deserved to have AIDS, because of their lifestyle..or something like that. No one told me that they did not want to die or that they wanted to get well. The fact that their illness was terminal - I think they came to terms with that pretty soon. They worked in the hospice if they could else they rested. There were doctors there to take care of them as well. I could see the sadness in their eyes, but no one talked much. I was pretty busy, playing with the children. They were not too sick except that they had boils sometimes.

Finally two months were over and I came home for university. I wish I knew then, what I know now. I never knew that God loved them. I mean I know God loves everybody. But I never knew that he loved them so much he did something for them to be healed and they did not have to qualify for it. I used to think God heals some people and for others, It is his will that they must be sick. In fact, I thought they were learning something precious from God.

Within a year of my leaving, all the kids in the hospice passed on. I did not expect it so soon. I felt very sad and hopeless. I wanted to do something for them, but I thought terminal diseases were terminal. 

But I know something now which can change your life. Jesus loves you and he did not put the disease on you. God does not teach lessons by giving sickness. He hated sickness so much. He did not want you to suffer. So he personally carried all your diseases on his own body on the cross. You need not qualify to be healed. He has paid the price for everyone to be healed with his own blood. It does not matter how immoral you are. You cannot buy God's blessings. It is a gift and it does not depend on your behaviour at all. Jesus loves to heal you, that's why he died.

God loved you so much. He sent his only beloved Son to be punished in your place. He has taken all sicknesses and diseases including AIDS on his own body. Because he has taken it, You need not bear it anymore. It is God's will for you to be healed!

Surely our sicknesses he hath borne, And our pains -- he hath carried them, And we -- we have esteemed him plagued, Smitten of God, and afflicted. And he was pierced for our transgressions, Bruised for our iniquities, The chastisement of our peace was on him, And by his bruise there is healing to us!

Thank God for your healing right now. Daddy God, Thank you that you loved me, before I loved you. Thank you that you loved me so much that you sent your only Son to be my sacrifice. Jesus, Thank you, you loved me so much, you came all the way from heaven, just to die for me. Thank you that you were punished for all my past, present and future sins. I am forgiven, because of your blood. Thank you that I am righteous, because you were judged. Thank you Lord that you carried all my diseases, including AIDS on your own body on the cross, because you loved me and by your stripes, I declare that I am healed. I receive my healing right now. I am your child. Thank you Daddy God.

Remember, God wants to heal you because he loves you!


GodsBeloved GodsBeloved 26-30, F 58 Responses May 5, 2009

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You know, this is a terribly misleading post that gives people a false sense of hope in a desperate hour.

AIDS and HIV have no known cure, it would be nice if Christians would stop doing this ****. There is no other religion in the world that treats others this way, none.

I am very happy to share this great news about a great and powerful man DR MUTUMA who cured me from this deadly disease (Alzheimer's disease and diabetes), i was suffering from this disease for over 8years now and I couldn't find cure to it, on this grateful day i was browsing on the Internet when i saw a woman testifying about a powerful and great man (DR MUTUMA) who helped cure her cancer disease and so she also mentioned that this same man can equally healed and cure any sickness with herbal medicine, so without wasting anymore time i contacted him on his email called (drmutumahouseofsolution121@gmail. com) and i explained all my problems to him, he told me that I should not worry that he is going to help me prepare an herbal medicine and he will send it to me. He told me to use the herbal medicine according to the laws that will be on it so i abide to him, and I started using it, before I know it i was feeling changes on me, I later went to the hospital for medical check up and to my surprise i was completely cured from this deadly disease(Alzheimer's disease and diabetes ). I am very happy that i am safe from this disease with the help of DR MUTUMA. I would have been a dead woman now but all thanks and gratitude to DR MUTUMA. If you are out there suffering from any kind of diseases quickly contact this powerful man at his email via (drmutumahouseofsolution121@gmail .com) Mark my word "He will never disappoint you"

I just came across this website and happen to be trusting God for healing of HIVAIDS.
I have not known any one else apart from my wife for not less than 20 years but when i got sick we both were tested and i tested positive whiles she is negative.
We have to go again in December for the second test and i need your help in standing with me as well as my wife that she may continue being negative.
God Bless You.

i will thank Mrs Lucia for letting the world knows the powerful man
that help her from AIDS disease. This was what i have all my life been
waiting for since i was infected by HIV last 6 months. I always spend
money for drugs always but still yet my weight becomes poorer and my
joint always getting painful and inching all day. But when i met this
comment last 3 days, i quickly contacted Dr.olta the Traditional
helper. He is from the western part of Africa, i didn't spend much as
i spent for drugs each day, and i for the fact truly reason this
because my life was already as take by this disease called AIDS.
Truly, when it was 9:00 clock on Monday this week he called me that
his oracle urgently required some few life items to enable the disease
wipe out successfully, then i was asked to send down 200 usd ($).
Which i did. He truly bought the items and surprisingly, yesterday
afternoon Dr.olta called me that my work has been finally done and it
work out well. I was glad and he told me to rush down to my hospital
for checkup. Which i really did, my brothers and sisters i went down
crying because no one has ever done this to a person in life. Dr.olta
truly healed me. I was crying it was a dream to my eyes when the
doctor said to me that I am HIV NEGATIVE. I am now a free born in
life, am now like other people who now think things like human. For
these days and forever, i will accept Dr.olta as my father and my
healer and helper. He is a great man. Thank you sir. I know i cant
reward you. But my God in heaven can. Thank you sir once again.


Email him now for your problem solve at:(

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Hey I believe in God a lot and I love God. I know God will heal me!

I would like to thanking to lord, praise the lord this is my story and its real
sister was found hiv positive in the year 2000, I was too small to understand about the disease, but I knw that my sister is not sinner again in the year 2002 she again got pregnant and she went to hiv test it was again positive after that we all lost hopes no medication for her because of pureness starting leaving normal life no options was there whom to tell. After many years in the year 2008 she again got pregnant n doc told her for hiv test she had given her blood for test but this time I was not ready to hear that she is hiv positive her pregnancy test supposed to come in a weak. I have hear allot about lord jesus and his miracles I was starting believing with my all mind and sole. I started reading bible I was watching faith show on tv. Before getting her report we did some lord retreat along with my sister after that we got the report and it was she is hiv negative it was Holly spirits who has heald my sister and after 13 year she is perfectly fine lord has not only save her but all family members because its very hard cope with this. I pray everyday in my prayer that lord heal those people who is suffering from hiv aids cancer. Pls. Ask lord he will heal you but u need to jave trust.
God bless you

amen!!!! beautiful story amen!..<3

God bless all of you. Ask your father in heaven who is with you for forgiveness and repent. Go and sin no more. By Jesus stripes you are healed. I pray for you all because I've been where u were ..scarred for 3 months. Don't be afraid for the Lord is with you. He is your father, lord, saviour, healer and so much more. Right now I curse HIV/AIDS from the seed and roots in the name of Jesus Christ. I bind the spirit of HIV/AIDS infirmity in the name of Jesus Christ and I cast it out in his name. May HIV/AIDS be deleted from all of your blood in the mighty name of Jesus. Be healed and made whole in Jesus name. Amen.

Although no one has come to the stage and openly testify to the world that s/he was healed from hiv/aids; let us not lose hope and heart in this that "He has risen from the dead and He is Lord"

I do not know the formula or format for getting healing but I trust and believe in "GRACE" that God has............................ I keep believing in HIM for my well being!!

Be encouraged and stay away from things or people that depress you!!!! you are a strong woman and a healthy man!!

In December 2013 I found out I was HIV+, I always had an idea that I was in contact with the disease but was trying to ignore it. Living as a Homosexuality I try to fight it off MANY times but this time God truly got my Attention. GOD always know how to reach us, when I found I was like ya know what I'm going to commit suicide im not going to put my mom and family through this. I then called my aunt which is a strong praying Women and she said baby don't worry your mummy stronger than you think and she ghen be there for you! Well I must it does be days that I be Very depressed but as I think about the glory of God and read others story and be encourage by my mom im doing good. But I must say we ought to continue fasting, praying& seeking the kingdom of God. I declare by the end of 2014 I will have a praise report and I WILL be HIV Negative in the name of Jesus. My God is a healer and he will deliver all of us that's going through Diseases and Sin once we truly mean it.... God be with you all I'll keep you all in prayers Love You my fellow brothers and sisters

Amen. We are all healed in Jesus name.

Hello my good friends please do not see this strange cause it my life story about my healing, i was having HIV for good 6yrs. Things were not working fine for me due to my health status i know longer have friends know lover it even takes time before my family co-operate with me due to this i tried all possible means i can to get this devilish sickness out of my body i went to hospitals churches and other heath organization but all remains the same till yet i never gave up cos i was not born with this illness so i decided to take it over to the internet to see if i could get remedy, on my search i saw a testimony of a woman, she said she was also having a terrible sickness for over 3yrs but now she is healed i was surprise at first when i saw her test so she wrote a name Dr Molemen and also gave his email id so i mailed them which is (drmolemenspiritualtemple@gmail. com) i told them about my problem and after the processes he told me that am healed but i never believed he told me to go and confirm it from the hospital were i have been taking treatment still i never believed also although he gave me evidence that the sickness was gone.
Finally i decided to go for check up and to my surprise my doctor said the sickness was know longer there with thought of joy i started shearing tears.
My friends today am now married bless with 2kids, so if you have any sickness kindly email (drmolemenspiritualtemple@gmail. com) or call him on (+2347036013351)sir i will forever remain in you debt.
Thank you sir am grateful

Am Beatrice mark.I was HIV/AIDS positive for 3 years until i saw a testimony of how the lord spiritual has been
healing people suffering from HIV and other dieases, i contacted him and today am free.i want to express a heart felt
apprecaition to the LORD SPIRITUAL for healing me. I have directed people with Cancer, Barren women,
and those with different problem to him and he favoured them differently.I have not seen any one as powerful as the
lord spiritual. Just put him to test and see what he can do. (Seen is believing).
I vowed to testify of what he has done. For any problem just contact or email him on LORDSPIRITUAL@OUTLOOK.COM

I'm 19 years old and I had never been tested for HIV, I was taking part of the homosexuality world and was loving it. My family didn't know because I knew I wasn't raised like that. my mom is what they call a "prayer warrior" and its just how she was raised. I told my self that even though I'm gay I will never go to a gay club or become "fem" like I saw other dudes. But of course sin will make you stay longer then you want to stay, take you further then you want to go, make you pay a price you never intended to. and this is just what it did to me. I found myself in gay clubs every night, to every gay event. even though I was never "fem" I was doing pretty much everything else the gay world was offering, the drugs, sex, etc. well to make a long story short before I got tested for HIV I tried praying and asking God to deliver me from my sins and the way I was living because deep down inside I knew it was wrong. that seemed to work for little bit but soon I would find myself right back in the same sins I was doing before. soon I began to believe what the world was telling me that I was born that way and there was nothing I can do about it. well yes I may have been born a homosexual because the bible says that we are all born into sin and homosexual is a sin. but I knew that there was a way out I just didn't care to find it after my first and only attempt to.

Well after the guy I was always with got locked up I suddenly got sick and went to the hospital to see what was going on, and come to find out I had gonorrhea. I was kind of sacred at first but the doctor told me he was going to give me a shot and a prescription and it should clear up in no time. I put my faith and trust in that doctor 100%. the doctor told me to get an HIV test and other STD test just to make sure gonorrhea was all I had. So after I continued to do drugs and live the life God was trying to pull me away from. often when I was driving I would see a city bus and on the back of the bus would be an ad to get tested for HIV. And out of nowhere my eye would catch this glimpse, I though it was god telling to get tested or something like that. a week after the gonorrhea left I went for a HIV test. I was almost positive that I had HIV it was just a thing like my mind knew that I had it and was trying to tell me, but I was just hoping I didn't. I never felt any symptoms of the virus at all so that wasn't the reason I went to get tested. when I went to get tested I was high on drugs and alone, as the doctor did the rapid test he asked me some question and I proudly told him yes I was having sex with male. so after about 15 min he said ok sir you are HIV+. my heart skipped a beat tears rolled down my face before I could say the next word, mind you I was high so that type of news ran through my head so deeply. the first thing I asked the doc is will I still be able to smoke. he told me yes of course, then I asked him was I going to die and no told me no , but I didn't believe him I thought I had a couple of years to live.

long story short I stopped smoking and doing drugs, I repented and asked Christ to come into my life and live through me. I haven't been with another guy since that day. I really gave my life to Christ and chose him over the desires of the homosexual world. I lost all my friends and fans, but that didn't matter to me I was more concerned about where was I going to life my eyes once I leave this world. I really got into the bible and found out that God really does love me I began to speak with my father and he began to speak back. I remember one say I was sitting at the dinner table before I started the meds and I thought to my self that I didn't want to live any more and I was going to kill myself. but God heard me and quickly I heard in my heart that life is worth the living just because he lives. and immediately I got shivers all over my body because that was the first time I actually heard God speak back to me and I knew it was him. shortly after I had a vision and it was the voice of God, he spoke to me and asked "if I heal you are you going to go back into the world?" I paused for a second because I knew I wasn't sleep and I knew I was the only one in the room. My number weren't bad in case you guys were wondering viral load was 3,600 and cd4 was 356. Everyday I been getting closer with him and trusting him. I know he's going to heal I just don't know when. my mom been praying everyday since. I thank god for all what he has done for me because truly if this hadn't stopped me nothing was I was determined to rise in the gay world. BUT im so glad God has other plan. my story today to everyone who is reading with any disease, remember it doesn't belong to you Jesus already paid the price for all of our sins, sickness and disease over 2000 years ago, I encourage to say everyday "With his stripes I am healed" not only do you say it but believe it. Gods has a miracle for you don't you dare give up in the middle of your miracle. WITH JESUS STRIPES I AM HEALED, ILL BE WRITING AGAIN WHEN I GET THE REPORT THAT SAYS IM HIV NEGATIVE. I BELIEVE AND IM TRUSTING HIM.

Can we pls exchange emails i really wanted to share how god change my life. Im also hiv+ but i know by his wounds i have been healed. 1peter 2:24

Your story touched me I believe all is well in Jesus name

This is a touching story and a powerful prayer may God our father, father of the fatherless continue blessing the author, we have same faith hope and trust in fact i like the word by the (strips of Jesus everyone is healed) Amen.


thank you you just helped me find the starts of my ministry thanks you for your encouraging story it give me more faith that God will heal me.

This site has been so encouraging to me. I just found out that I am HIV + during a recent trip to the hospital. I got a spider bite back in June and the infection got really bad at the end of August. My body went into septic shock and I was at the brink of death. GOD saved me and brought me through that ordeal! I am so thankful and blessed to be given another chance at life! In the hospital I found out that I am HIV +. It was devastating to me. I am married and have three children! I have been unfaithful to my wife and given into homosexual tendencies. My wife and my children are all negative, thank You Jesus! I know that God allowed this to happen in my life, because there was no other way that he could get my attention! All He wants is a relationship with me and it doesnt matter at what cost! My wife and I have split up for the time being so she can work through her emotions. She is an extremely strong woman in her Faith and I know that one day we will be able to overcome this and save our marriage!

I have been spending most of my time diving into Gods Word, praying and building my relationship with Him! I am believing that I am healed by the stripes Jesus bore on his back for ALL of our sickness and disease! I have NO doubt in my mind that I AM HEALED!!! I know God will restore my health 100%, my marriage to the best that it has ever been and my family will be better for it in the long run.

I go to the doctor tomorrow to find out my CD4 count and viral load. They wanted to wait until I was out of the hospital, because severe infection like I had could bring down the CD4 number and elevate the viral load. I am praying and believing that when I go into the office tomorrow that the Doctor will have amazing news for me. I AM HEALED!

During my bible reading this morning I came upon this scripture:

"God made my life complete when I placed all the pieces before him.
When I got my act together, He gave me a fresh start.
Now I am alert to God's Way; I don't take God for granted.
Everyday I review the way He works, I try not to miss a trick.
I feel put back together and I am watching my step.
God rewrote the text of my life when I opened the book of my hear to His eyes."
Psalms 18:20-24

I have turned 180 degrees from my old lifestyle. I have confessed my sin to God and to those around me who love me. I am getting counseling from a Pastor at my church and I will overcome this stronghold and will be HEALED from this disease.

One more scripture I am clinging to today:
"If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and I will forgive them their sins and HEAL their land."

Our God is so awesome! All he cares about and wants is a relationship with us, above everything else. It has taken this disease to wake me up! God gave me another chance at life to make the right decisions! I am 100% sold out to him; giving him my whole life, body, mind and soul! That is all He wants!



You have seen someone healed of HIV? (I mean seen the report of an HIV+ and an HIV-)? I've heard of it, too. But I want to see the paper work. I'm not doubting it. I do believe in God. I do believe in the blood of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit. I do believe that Father God can choose people to heal and intercede. I've read websites where people claim they've been healed. But just show me the proof. Have an MD publish it.

There are guys who have used crazy things like black seed or vitamin therapy that have been cured of HIV (proof from MDs - who are puzzled). I do believe God can use tools and through divine inspiration take men to them to heal. Why not HIV?

27 year old, August 16 2011, with 614 cd4 count. Several time thought to end the life. I got this because of homosexuality. I confessed all my sin to my Jesus. And i tested again on Dec 2011 my cd4 count was 1027. I know that i ll be negative one day. Jesus can heal me and he will. First thing i done i left all homosexuality. I prayed for that not for HIV. I know once my homosexuality go my HIV will go automatically. JEsus loved me so much but i never loved him. 2 years back i got Hypetetis B because of homosexuality only. He has done miracle. He healed me. Although after 06 month of healing from Hypetits i started again doing sin. Now i really understood the love of my CHirst. I promised him that i will give my rest life to Jesus. I will serve for him. Any i m 200% sure He will heal because he healed me from incurable disease Hypetetis B. In other way i am happy because of HIV i came near to Jesus. So that i can be a part of his second coming. Corinthians "Paul" said this flesh and blood is waste and in 2nd coming of chirst this flesh and blood will not be counted. <br />
<br />
Regards<br />

Great! I like ur faith

At 37, tested + with CD4 count of 90.......Having separated with my ex and not been in a relationship for 7 years, I had made my up mind to remain single and concentrate on my career and future growth, then HIV comes along, 7 years down the line, this was a shoke and a blow....and was put on meds immediately.,.i have learnt that we can not dwell On the why's, how and is already here with us...I accepted it as my cross , if life gives you lemon , make lemonade juice and think positive. Stay healthy , Pray to God to give you strength and thank him always for the gift of life coz we still have it, and don't forget to take your meds as prescribed. There is still a great future a head for us . Let us not put our dreams on hold because of our conditions , let us think and dream big, how can we turn this round to our benefit and that of the community at large, while ensuring our thoughts, actions and life style impact others positively , while eliminating the stigma that the condition comes with. Thanks to God, my CD4 count is now 525 with undetected viral load...and looking forward to a much more brighter future...I pray the same to all infectected, as there is hope, this is not a death sentence but an eye opener to look at life differently

God bless You. I'm glad your CD4 is up up to normal and your VL is undetectable. Praise the Lord.

Timely Word 4 Today<br />
<br />
Worship the King<br />
<br />
In His Presence: “Let us continually offer up a sacrifice of praise to God, that is, the fruit of lips that give thanks to His name” (Hebrews 13:15).<br />
<br />
As you open up a hymnal on Sunday and sing along with the choir, remember, God is not listening to the tone of your voice or the words you sing. He is listening to your heart. Is it turned to Him in worship and praise and adoration? <br />
<br />
Or is tuned to the distractions of the world? Are you thinking about His goodness or about the person you promised to meet at the mall later in the afternoon?<br />
<br />
When life suddenly falls apart, people begin to search for answers. At times, it seems as if they are willing to search anywhere but in the presence of God. <br />
<br />
Recently, an actor was on television telling why the cult he was involved with was the only one that could actually help people get in touch with themselves. However, his approach was very vain, empty, and naïve—and totally devoid of God.<br />
<br />
Unless we have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, we can’t know our true identity. This is because our identity is in Christ. <br />
<br />
Each one of us was created in the image of God—not by a human philosophy or culture. We were shaped for His worship—to stand in the presence of God’s holiness and not in the drafty, dark, and lonely halls of sin and fear.<br />
<br />
The songs of our lives need to reflect our love and faith in the Savior who died so that we might have eternal life. Praise hymns are wonderful to sing, but much of our deep Spiritual truth and theology can be found in the hymns of old. One of these is “O Worship the King” by Robert Grant.<br />
<br />
O worship the King, all glorious above,<br />
O gratefully sing His power and His love;<br />
Our Shield and Defender, the Ancient of Days,<br />
Pavilioned in splendor, and girded with praise. . . .<br />
Frail children of dust, and feeble as frail,<br />
In Thee do we trust, nor find Thee to fail;<br />
Thy mercies how tender, how firm to the end,<br />
Our Maker, Defender, Redeemer, and Friend.<br />
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really i would like to see them be healed myself with pcr test before and after ,before believing any of this

There are headings that have happened and are documented. (1) African man with black seed (2) British man with "vitamin" therapy - won't disclose what vitamins (3) woman who was mysteriously cured - was published in CROI 2014. They are still trying to understand it. But none of them have credited God.

As for me, they don't' have to credit God. I know its Him. I just pray that God inspires someone with the wisdom to cure this devastating disease. There are 72 million people who either have it or have died from it.

god help me not to have hiv.. i dont want my bf to have hiv because he is loyal please hear me lord

im afraid to take hiv test..God please help me to e HIv negative..huhu

im afraid to take hiv test..God please help me to e HIv negative..huhu

"MANY of us want the healing, but God is out for relationship." Duckajamar, you are soo right! <br />
Dan Mohler says abt divine healing: “It's a relationship, not a method”. <br />
<br />
A perfect true life example is YouTube Jessica Testimony 21 feb 2007. (Jessica shares how she was paralyzed from the waist down, yet through prayer and a renewed faith in Christ, God healed her.)<br />
She got to a point that she could say: "Lord. if You don't physically heal me, it's okay." It is a beautiful testimony.<br />
<br />
But all this didn't solve MY problem. I experienced something VERY BASIC within me hindering me from getting close to the Father. I finally found IT in Michael DeFazio's blog: 'This is What’s Wrong with Our World.' "We refuse to trustfully acknowledge God as superior, and so we set up ourselves as competition. ,,,.... The root of this is fear that God can’t be trusted; we don’t think he really has our best interests in mind; we think he’s holding out on us. It is rooted in a denial of God’s love for us. I’d call this first step rebellion." <br />
<br />
What struck me was, that not being able to believe God loves me (enough to heal me for example), was not so much a matter of lack of faith but.... of SIN! The sin of rebellousness! That HURT. But it was a good hurt, cause I found the core of my problem.<br />
<br />
What to do abt it? Repent, repent or... ask God for advice? Jessica got 'advice' from God in a dream... But what if "He never answers"? Rusty Rustenbach wrote A Guide for Listening and Inner-Healing Prayer. If you go to you can read a sample of his book. There is the story abt a certain Aiden who had read abt inner-healing prayer and was skeptical abt it. Rusty himself writes about his attempts to listen to Jesus in Chapter One and him thinking: "Listening to God isn't going to work for me, I don't even know what it should be like." I can relate to that! The title of the chapter is 'Surprised that God Would Speak to Me' so he succeeded and in the sample you can read how. <br />
<br />
I have a nice uncle who lives far away on another continent. I sometimes phone him and leave a message on his voicemail. When he phones back he usually can't reach me cause I'm not home or something. That's sort of how I view my relationship with God. <br />
<br />
Jessica (of the testimony) clearly was hindered from having a relationship with God by the sin of idolatry. Idolatry is also named in Michael DeFazio's blog. He explains abt: rebellion, idolatry, corruption, bondage, and depravity or despair (since it really is twofold). Very recognizable, I believe, for many. He wrote another blog: The Solution to Our Problems ("I know this sounds cheesy, but I believe it’s Jesus."). But Jesus only, is not the solution; it is us first recognizing our main 'bug', then repenting, or communicating and listening to Him (or reading the Word) about how to solve our rebellion or idolatry or corruption or bondage, or depravity or despair which will set us free.

I thank you all for your comments. They are very very encouraging. I infected my husband, a very good man who has stayed for 7 years without any relationship because he did't want to jump around with women. I was the first person he came after and I brought nothing but hiv into the union. I got sick and by then my CD4 was 50, ie is AIDS. I am presently on meds but he is soooooooooooooo disappointed with life that he has closed his eyes to everything, even to God. I look up to God for everything: my being alive today is a miracle, I think with CD4 50 and TB, I should have died. My viral load is less than 20 and CD4 has gone up to about 350+. I strongly believe we will not die with hiv/aids. God is merciful and with He nothing is impossible. Many things seem to be working against me: difficulties in getting pregnant, threaten cervical cancer and high blood pressure. hahahhhhaah the devil is a liar. I have refused to be manipulated by him. Many might say i am unrealistic but I look up to God for everything.

If only God can hear my prayer and heal me, I am facing a lot of challenges and cannot disclose my status to my people and my inlaws they would not take it I cant have children God please look down upon me.

You know God is a God like no other. I was infected back in 2007 and I had stopped going to the doctors because i wanted God to heal me. I continued on beliving God for a miracle, even though I was still sleeping around here and there knowing that I had it. However it caught up with me. I went back to the doctors in March of this year 2011 and the doctors said that i needed to be put on medication fast because i was just a few numbers away from being full blown aids. AND THAT IS WHEN I WOKE UP. MANY of us want the healing, but God is out for relationship. I turned from my ways, repented, and turned from my life in homosexuality once and for all especially because that wouldnt even allow me to be qualified for the healing. Any agreement with the enemy, disqualifies you from the things of God. <br />
Moreover, I started taking Meds a couple days later and my numbers started to increase imeediately. My viral load went from 128,000 to 46,000 then later to 24,000, and when i went a month ago my viral load was at 20. Even the doctor said wow you are so blessed. Its in the undecteable range, but let me tell you something its because i denounced my ways and what i was ever in agreement with. I begin to increase my worship and started speaking victory over my healing. I began to make affirmations every day and night over my healing. But you want to know how I know my healing is just about here. Is because through all this, I LEARNED GOD IN A NEW WAY. I now know him. He is about relationship. Just sittimg and talking with him. Many have not received their healing yet because he knows that you still qualify to leave him after you get it. You have to get to the place in your life where you can HOLD ONTO the healing after you have gotten it. God wants to make sure youre not going to return to anything or leave him after you got it. He is about RELATIONSHIP. WHAT DAD WOULDNT WANT TO GIVE THEIR CHILD THE DESIRES OF THEIR HEARTS. But everyone please. go forth in relationship. A HEALING IS TOOOOO SMALL FOR GOD. HE WANTS OUR COMPANIONSHIP. It will come to the point where your "lingo" will change. Meaning you will know longer pray about it because you know who your dad is in an itimate way. I literally now sit and thank God that I got it because it woke me up, turned me from ways, and saved my soul from going to hell. I now know him. I sit and talk to him constantly and he always answers me back and that is so much more to me than the healing. Please everyone, just surreneder even the more. God wants your intimacy. Increase your worship and change the way you pray. No longer pray for the healing, but begin to thank god for his healing of others. Worship will open his Heart unto you. It is how we tap into the supernatural and begin to allow God to position us for however he wants to use out testimonies. Thank you jesus. Forget about the healing, and go forth to God full throttle. Its the only way. Activate your authority in Jesus and cling to him more and more and more. He wants to heal you, but everyone he wants to also share in the healing with you. Its in your worship. Its in your worship.

Blessed are those who wait upon the Lord... All things happen on its time... Be patient with God. Dont sit back & relax & wait for breakthrough..pray & pray God is there waiting to give u whats yours.<br />
<br />
Im a 22 old girl, tested positive when i was pregnant. Can u imagine, had no one to tell, could not even hurt my supportive boyfrend, gave birth to my son, could not breastfeed bc i was afraid i will infect him.. It was so painful looking @ my tiny baby. My frends were @ a distance by then, gossiping & laughing @ me. Alone nw, but still holding unto Gods word... By his stripes we are healed.