So Scared...i'm Hoping Not


I had protected sex last Jan 22 but I fear possible exposure because of broken skin on the base of my penis. I had it like 5 days or a week before the encounter. We did it twice and I changed condoms during rounds. Each round took like 5 minutes.

The first one, I was on top. The second round was a bit difficult because my penis wasn't that hard. I had to make it hard enough to enter. It was a bit soft when I put it in and the woman was bent (doggie). I have fears that vaginal fluid may have made its way to the broken skin. I didn't see any liquid that time though but my partner said that she came. The small cut on the base didn't blead that time too. I just shaved a week before so there werent many hairs to cover it.  


I'm thinking that some vaginal fluid may have made its way to the broken skin. I'm scared to death.


A week after I had mild fever and some muscle pain. I'm not sure if it's because I was back and forth the clinic to have doctors check me for some chancres. I thought then that I had syphillis. Good thing I do not. After another week, I began to feel a bit nauseous. I always burped and felt like my stomach was empty. Milk gives me confort though.


I'm so worried and it chills my spine. I tested negative but it only cleared my previous encounters. I will test again after 3 months. Any thought on my situation will be greatly appreciated.


Nonetheless, even the learning and fear of it suddenly snaps me out of a promiscous lifestyle. I confessed about being promiscous and I'm planning to change. No more sex...til the right time and the right person comes.
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To me I think as long as u are protected with condoms and I am sure u be fine. I am waiting to take my conclusive test in five weeks time. Me too I took a six weeks test and it's negative. The councelor told me only five percent of people tested reactive after three months and ninety five percent tested reactive after four to six weeks after their exposure.but I am sure u r ok as long u r protected. But mine is unprotected and makes me feel much more worry. U be fine =]

i'm with you... i'm also scared that i have this disease, i just got tested and i'm waiting for the results. like you, i have also been scared out of a promiscuous lifestyle... i will never live like this again. i threw my life around and i regret it so much. feeling for you, man.