Hairy Girl :(

It drives me nuts!! I do modelling, nothing like page 3 .. Commercial smiley stuff .. Ppl expect that you are perfect just coz u model .. I'm not, I'm hairy, I hate that ppl expect me to be perfect, I'm
Only human and can't help my genes :( ...
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you are beautiful because you speak your mind out of your own free will and someone who speaks from there heart and mind are beautiful because they have common sense to do so ;)

i love hairy girls, I would love to see that

See but you are perfect because your hairy ok. Change your thinking. Those people know nothing about you. Your perfect because your hairy and you don't hide it, because your hairy and you don't shave because what you here. Wish there were more of you. Wish I had someone like that.

WOW! are you kidding me Hairy girls rock :)

i love hairy girls dont study other ppl maybe they are jealous

I think hairy woman are very sexy . But you know what? It doesnt matter what I think of you, Im just a stranger on the inet. What really matters is what you think of yourself. I think people who are too hard on models, especially other models. Ive never understood how others looking bad can make one feel good. So as much as I hate people who love themselves too much, I think its better than hating what you look like. Love yourself for who you are, when you can do that, it wont matter what others think of you.

I love hairy women ;)

stay natural, there are too many boring, hairless women

Thank you milfeffect .. yea I do stay natural :) I an learning with age that loving myself first as I am is more important then someone else loving me as someone I\'m not, if you see what I mean. We all just have to embrace our physical appearance as it can\'t be changed and shouldn\'t be anyway .. sometimes its easier to say this then to believe it with all the pressures around us every day but just have to remind our selves x

Thankyou for your reply, I think hairy women are a beauty of nature, its very attractive

Natural women are so beautiful :) i hope your attitude doesn't change

Hairy is sexy!

I agree with some women said nothing wrong in body hair women have all place body hair is more sexy in that women

A lot of guys like myself love girls with natural body hair. In fact I'd say that all real men like real women, and real women have hair on their bodies. It adds to the mystery and allure.

It's too bad that women such as yourself are made to feel ashamed of your natural beauty. There's nothing sexier than a women who has the confidence to go against the societal norms and let her hair grow where it should.

Anyhow, I just wanted to let you know that body hair is beautiful, and any guy who is worth knowing will love you with or without it

Thank you ... Yes Your right that's very true. I suppose some real men as you say do like it or at least don't mind it. I look forward to meeting a real man like that :)

I can't imagine you having much trouble finding someone like that. It's much more common than you would think. The problem is that many men won't even admit it, or don't realize it, because they are also worried about people thinking they are a freak for liking women with hair. Society plays terrible jokes on itself.

Ah ok I see! ... I am growing more confident though, so if a guy didn't like it then he obviously wasn't right for me an me not for him too in that case. physical things really shouldn't be an issue as you can't help how we look but how we behave can be helpt and that is the only way we should really seen as ugly or beautiful ..

Absolutely true. It's funny, because everyone seems to try so hard to be the societal ideal, so that everyone will like them. I can't think of anything worse. Those people who like you for becoming something else don't really like you... they just like that ideal. It's a gift to be unique... those who like you in your most natural form, are the ones you really want to like you.

Hope you don't mind if I add you?

Yes, again so true and that's what I am starting to realise, more so after the last year or so and I'm finding it empowering in just realising that. I like ppl for who they are so it's nice when you can find ppl that are the same way.....It's funny, at new years I wore a top saying "geek" .. I just kinda like it :) .. I found myself talking to a guy that ppl would probably put in a box an call him A geek. Some guys came over to me an was like, it's quite funny how your wearing that top and then the only geek in hear tries to chat you up, it's funny how these guys assume he was trying to chat me up too, shows there intentions! .. It's like they thought they were better then him and like they thought I was just being polite in talking to the guy. but I'd rather enjoy talking with a genuine guy then the egg head "pretty" boys in the pub he was probably the most interesting person there, he worked with children that had learning difficulties, he was very interesting to talk too! .. yea you can add me, thank you!

Our western society prides itself hugely on individuality.... yet we seem to be so repulsed by the things that make us unique.

I'd prefer to spend an evening talk to a "geek" about his/her interest in entomology, than with the prettiest girl in house who has nothing of substance to say.

It really is an interesting discussion. I'd love to continue it in a private thread if you add my to your circle.

Oh ok I will do, I don't know how the site works totally haha ... Il do that now!

I for one find a women who has the confidence to go au natural very appealing, i think its very beautiful

:D that makes me happy to hear! Thank you :)

so nice to hear that there are real women who don't shave and keep it natural,i don't know why but the natural look drives me crazy,im a man and i keep it natural too,thanks for posting this

Thats great to head :D .. when à man finds his woman sexy as she is, natural, .. it makes us feel so much more sexy, there for more confident and passionate! .. its great you keep it natural too, I love men natural!


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