Give Us A Break!

Ladies! ... If you are hairy too please try to embrace it. It is hard I must say with all these perfect pictures all over the place, but they are mostly photoshoped as no one is perfect, we need to stop giving our selves such a hard time. If we are happy and confident with our selves then it shows, if you are a confident good person then hair is a minor detail in the grand scheme of things! And guys ... All you hairy guys, dont wax or shave, your a man and it's just how you are made, same as us women, hair is a natural thing, we need it to keep us warm and to keep us cool, just as if any guy doesn't love us for how we are it's the same for guys, any girl that doesn't like Ur hairy bum or back really is not worth it!!!
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And that make you beautiful. You are as you were intended to be. Be proud of your hairiness. You are perfect.

Well said! Totally agree.

To the part where you said pictures of perfect woman. The perfect woman is a exactly what you are, natural hairy and proud if it. There is nothing more beautiful then a woman who is natural and un shaven and proud of it as nd not afraid to say so. The confidence it takes to do that is by far sexier then anything those so called shaven perfect woman who like a 9 year old after they are done with a razor could ever be. They do it because they think that is the norm in society. But I think there is absolutely nothing more beautiful and sexy then full un shaven woman.

AMEN!!!!!! Well said!

I think totally natural women are wonderful. They defy societies norms and expectations and that makes them beautiful. They exude confidence and independents and this makes them stand out amongst all the other women.
You are beautiful and I thank you for being you.
Always comply but never conform.

Nothing sexier than hair sticking out the sides of the undies. I love hairy women

Haha amazing

Yes they are :) .. and its not always just about the visual aspect, ppl are generally sexier when they are comfortable in there own skin or hair should I say haha. <3. . Free the hair woo hoo lol ..

to the hairy women you are all beautiful,and I find that you are more down to earth, kind and very fun to be around,you should know that you are appreciated more than you example is when I was at venice beach there were 5 or 6 hairy ladies hanging out I was standing around them not saying anything then 1 of them asked me why I was just standing there ,so I told them it was because I was over taken by their natural beauty and I was. I also told them i wished that i lived there so as to find myself a lady like them and we had fun hanging out most of that day then i had to go home the next day to denver and I hardly see any natural women here and that makes me sad because I'd really like to meet someone like that here. 1 more thing when a man is staring at your hairy body alot of are either shocked by it or they're like me just admiring you

Aw how lovely, I am pleased you feel that way and I hope you will find your self a natural caring beauty :)

It is important to realise that hairyiness isn't unattractive but beautiful for both males and females. I am a naturally hairy male and I have been in relationships where it has been off putting for some of my partners. Society does expect this 'clean smooth look' but we can get carried away with this. I am more hairy than most but my hairyiness was easy to conceal from the general public. But I became more self conscious in relationships and had to shave off my wonderful hairy chest to conform. I felt very ill at ease with myself. Now I love how I look and who I am. Love the person that you are and forget about society expectations. Natural is best and never feel ashamed of this.

Yes exactly! :) ... And I'm sorry you had to go through shaving your beautiful chest hair! .... No women should make a man do that ever or no man should feel he has too! Love can not be so picky in the sense of your partner saying what u need to change or get rid of unless it's for your health! .. physical attributes are to be left as they are, it's how we were made! Live it or leave :) ... I'm glad your happy now mr nightowluk ...

I was of course worried that my hairy chest would never grow back in the same way again! But it was an interesting life experience and it made me realise that I could adapt myself if I thought I could make someone happy. Happiness was short lived of course and then there was a yearning for more and more changes ... Admittedly, after my glorious hairy chest was shaved I allowed my arms and much more below the waist go! Yikes!!! I am pleased to announce that eveything has now fully grown back.