Missing Everything At Home.

I was born and raised in Haiti for most of my life. I came to the U.S after the earthquake. I miss all the chaos, the Christmas songs, the carnival even know I was never interested in it, and I miss my language
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3 Responses Jan 3, 2011

My best friend is Haitian and has family there still. She tells me many stories about her home and her culture. When the quake shook Haiti I bought her a river rock from Haiti through Ten Thousand Villiages to remind her of home and give her something to hold on to. Stay strong for Haiti and learn well so that you can live your dream of helping your people. There are many who wish they could do more.

Actually, I am really proud to be a Haitian. That why I am going to be a doctor so I can help the people in my country.

Be an ambassador for your wonderful, brave country, encourage everyone you meet to send expertise, money and support to get Haiti back on its feet. It's a pity Wyclef Jean can't be president, he would raise Haiti's international profile very quickly. All through the aftermath of the earthquake I watched footage of people being dragged out of the rubble smiling, singing, laughing!! Haitians must be the most resilient, courageous people on earth. Be proud.