Summer Vacation

On a cold winter night, the girls were surrunded by the camp fire, and roasting their marshmellows and hotdogs. They talked and text on their phones. the girls were candy, britian, and kim. These girls were on a vaction and were in their 20's. Britian was the oldest one though and was the prettiest girl ever. boys would die for her, she had long blond hair, very thin, always wearing pink, small lips, big blue eyes, long eyelashes, and dimples on both of her cheecks. kim had red hair and always wearing black and rockstar gloves on her hands. she would aslo wear converse sneakers and really short shorts. she would wear black makeup, black eyeliner, black eyeshawdow, and black lip liner on her also wears black lipstick but at least she was pretty dressing in goth and can rock all the clothings. candy was very retro, she would always wear colorful clothings. she would wear bright colored leg warmers, bright colored tutu's, bright colored high tops, colorful knee socks and would always straighten her long pink hair. The fact that it was real she always took good care of it. These girls were popular at blueberry lane and would get boys as well, but not as much as britian does. As the girls started finishing their night they all went for a nude swim in the pond. These girls love swimming in cold water no matter what and its their vacation so their having fun. The girls were swimming having their fun. Suddenly candy spotted something far ahead at the pond, something strange. It was coming closer and closer, candy tried to tell her girls what was out there, but they was having too much fun. candy started swimming a little bit faster towards the land to get a cleaer look of what was out there, but before she can turn around to see what was out there it wasn't there no more. candy realized she didn't see anything. it was weird to her because she couldn't sworn that she saw something coming closer to her. candy started swimming some more and as she got on land to take her towel to wrap herself she saw what was out there. it was a man pointing at her and waving at her to come. candy was so afraid she didn't know what  to do. she was breathing really hard and couldn't believe her eyes, candy started running towards her cabin and closed the door. She took a good look at the window and started to relax herself. candy began to put on some  clothes on, she put on a pair of white shorts and a pink t shirt that says rainbow on it with glitter. she started to straighten her hair as she spotted something strange in her mirror. she noticed that it was covered with white powder and she couldn't see anything.she placed her straightener down and wiped the mirror when she saw the man. before she can say anything the man took the straightener and pressed it against candy's body. she was covered in blood and was dead with burnt marks all over her. let's see what happens next those who want to dare into this story of horror and thrilling suspense.
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i'l continue for those who like it but i start my stories out as a cliff hanger. i love my stories!