Skin Color In Latin America And The Carribean

I belong to the most bold and proudest group in the world. Everyone from any Latin country knows that Latinos are not bashful. I am a dark chocolate Haitian and Dominican Latina. I consider myself to be a polyglot because I speak French, Spanish, Haitian Creole, and know words in German, Greek, Korean and Nigerian Yoruba.  I have always enjoyed learning and pride myself in being above the fray when it comes to discrimination and racism. One thing that I can never get over is this abhorrent behavior between the lighter and darker complexion of Latinos everywhere. Why do we hate each other so much or why do we demean each other?
   The only thing that helps me (not much) when I travel to different countries is this ideal that I am American. I am more than that, I enjoy people who enjoy themselves and each other based on the act that we are all uniquely different. My family looks like the rainbow because our hues and shades are so varying yet as a child we were constantly compared receiving preferential treatment if you were light skin, pretty or could dance really well (thank god I could, not saying that I'm not pretty). My little brother is 4 or 5 shades lighter than I am (same mom and dad (how'd that happen? its called genetics) we were treated the same even though males are looked upon with a higher regard. The United States has harbored many resentments in me because I've never seen a more segregated group of people based on color and nationality than I have seen with Latinos. Amazing, Haitians do not like Dominicans but share an island( go figure), you need a visa to visit DR from Haiti and vice versa isn't that absurd? And honestly, there is very little that makes them so different. The foods are similar. Cubans don't like Salvadoreans, Venezuelans hate Mexicans. Everyone hates Puerto Ricans (why?). So on top of the many ethnic differences and shades those a major issue of nationality.
  This post mostly spoke of my skin color issues but as a community, it is so divided and no one wants to talk about it or even acknowledge that there is a problem. In the words on my wonderful Cuban singer Celia Cruz, "esta negrita no pasa de moda", I'll never go out of style honey, and like my famous actress Zoe Saldana, "yo soy una mujer negra", like she as says some refute with trigueñita but why not just black? The blacker the berry the sweeter the juice. In any case, I can not hate or discriminate against what is in me, I belong to all of the colors of the rainbow that made me and for that I am proud.
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God created us from different shades of color so we can enjoy being around each other more, but not everybody see it that way. I my family there are three different shades of colors but we love each other very much. Others who do not understand is that when we all died we are one shade of color and that BLACK DUST or if you prefer to call it GRAY DUST.