My Haitian Experience With Haitian Men

Although I tried not to judge anyone when getting to know them but Haitian men are rude,controlling,cheaters, and liars. I've tried to not believe what my mother has told me that Haitian men in this young generation are not the same as Haitian men back in the old days who want to work hard and provide for their family.My mom is half Haitian and half Cuban and my dad is fully Haitian. So when I started dating Haitian men Worst experience ever, the first one he was cheating and constantly lied to my face. The second Haitian man was looking for a woman to give him money and take care of him which I cut him out immediately.Third Haitian dude didn't know what sexual transmitted disease and slept with over 30 women and never wanted to be in a relationship but at that time he was lying to me saying we should get to know each other first than we will get into a relationship 7 months later cut him off because he was playing games.and I didn't know he slept with so many women until he told me at the end. Fourth haitian guy wanted a baby so he can trap me into being with him forever HA. I have Haitian men in my family who cheated on their wives and now what why should I think their a good Haitian men out there. They also good at putting a good front,being the nice guy and living a double life.ive seen Haitian married men with their wives staring at me as if they want to be with me.that is one thing that's not acceptable in my book. Most Haitian men are no good I'm sorry I love being Haitian but the Haitian community is messed up in communicating with each other and caring for one another.Also I'm seeing the new generation Haitian men some of them all they want is sex and how good you look. It's dad where this generation is going to Haitian men just want to use Haitian women. I had. A friend who was with a Haitian guy for 4 years. He came from Haiti with nothing but a bag on his she took him in to live with my friend in her apartment for four years.she paid his college tuition for him,he went to a community college.she took good care of him,let him drive her car etc. you know what the nerve that this Haitian guy did,he left the female that help him out soon as he got a great job for another woman who he is taking care of now. My friend was so heartbroken she didn't want to talk to anyone for weeks. So tell me everyone does Good Haitian men even EXIST? Maybe but the one percent is truly hard to find.
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I am broken hearted. Got my heart crushed by this Haitian man. I am so in love with him but he is soooo jealous and possessive. I am a good woman and I have never cheated. I got divorced 3 yrs ago and had been celibate for 4yrs before I met him. I let him convince me to have sex with him the day after we met because we both knew we wanted to be together and we have been together everyday since until lately. It's only been 6 months but every other week he would break up with me because he thought I was cheating on him. He questions me constantly about everything I'm doing. When I get out the bed with him to go to work he thinks I will meet a man on the way. When I go to the store,I must be with another man. If he chooses not to spend the night he will call me at 3am to tell me that he knows I have a man in my bed. I feel so dumb because I have allowed him to bond with my kids and I have bonded with his family. Im not allowed to have friends or he's jealous. If I take my kids to a birthday party or to get haircuts, he has to go with me then he tells me I feel guilty and like I have to defensive for no reason and says it's me that's causing theses problems. He's even accused me of being with women, my cousin, the car dealer and perfect strangers. It's getting out of hand so I finally had to cut it off. He is otherwise such a living sweet man and he has treated me like a princess other than the craziness. He's also given me the best sex I've ever had. So now, I've taken the steps to block him from my life. I've blocked all communication. Phone calls, text, emails, Facebook etc. I sent him a goodbye letter and told him I loved him but he should consider talking to a therapist because his rights aren't normal. Before I figured out how to block my voicemail, he left a message telling me to confess to myself and others that I am having sex with many people and don't know how to be real. He said he knows how I am but loved me anyway. He really believes this stuff and it is soooooo sad to me because I really love him with all of me and so do my children. He has been through a lot in Haiti has done so much charity work and missionary work there. He has helped after the earthquake and has had to cut limbs off of people to help them survive. I have read many many news reports on him and he truly is a hero. He is a good guy but I feel like he is emotionally abusing me with all these absurd accusations. I know Haitian men can be jealous but I had no idea it could be like this. What's crazy is that he's told me about all his past women and I don't think he's a cheater (although I do have some recent doubts) but so many of these girls he used to date still chase after him which makes me wonder if he was not like this with them. I can't imagine me being the first. I'm crazy in love with him and he's just crazy.

I think I also met one of the liars. I'm a White widow, 59, but got involved with a younger Haitian man in 2012. He said (and still says) he loves me. He asked me for a visa for the US in 2013, and I got him that, and I supported him, I spent thousands on this man. Turns out he had a Haitian girlfriend all along. He said they broke up many times, that it "wasn't the same" as it was with us (whatever that means...he never explained when I asked). He asked me to send him to the dominican republic,too. I sent him more money for that. then it turns out that the girlfriend is either there or is often visiting him there in theDR... I kept seeing all kinds of pictures on facebook..... so, finally, I refused to give him any more money and he stopped contacting me for a while. Proof was there, pretty much, that he just using me. But now he texts me again, weeks later, I still love you and want to live with you, he says, even when he's got the little girlfriend whose picture he posts on FB, saying "my sweet woman.'" My problem is that I am still so sexually attracted to this man! I tried cutting off facebook, but I still secretly long to see him and long to be with him! Help! I sometimes think it's a spell of sorts that I can't get beyond him... any advice for me?

Where do I start? I have an almost 2 year old with a Haitian man! I'm 21,white, mixed and he is 39. I met him thru a friend that I've never slept with! I got him to pick me and some of my friends up & he so happened to be sitting in the passenger seat. He didn't say anything so I spoke up & asked what his name was, well because I liked what I seen! I showed much interest for this man the whole night we partied together. He asked me for my number & we went from there. I ended up sleeping with him the same night & stayed together until the next day. He insisted that I came back to his place with him the next morning but I said no, I needed to go home to shower & change, but he insisted that I did that at his place. Little did we know, that day changed our lives forever! We continued to see each other for about 3 months & things were going good, we liked each other very much. Until the day I found out I missed my period! Uh oh. I was shocked & overwhelmed, but decided what I wanted to do & the day I called him & asked if I could come over because I had some news. When I got there I just straight out said I'm pregnant! Pulled out my pee test & did it in front of him. He told me to get rid of it but of course I walked out. He ignored me for 8 MONTHS of my pregnancy, I called & texted every so often & he never answered. I came to acceptance that he didn't want our baby so I was happy for the most part. Forgot him & focused on my baby in the tummy. I forgot to mention that before I stormed out of there the day he found out, I found a money mart transfer with his REAL name & what I thought was the mother of his daughter? While he ignored me for those 8 months, I contacted this "girl" who I thought was just another baby moms. She informed me that not only was she the mother of his daughter but that they have been married for 5 years! & that they were still "married". & as far as she knew things were fine & he wasn't up to no good. What I didn't understand at the time was how they could have a marriage while she is in the states & he's up here in Canada? He's been up here with us for going on 4 years now. Recently lived in Montreal for a year or two where she would "visit". She has an older son that isn't his, but tried to say it was. She was nice & understanding at the time I was pregnant & when I have birth, but what she really was doing was keeping tabs. I spoke to her because I needed answers & wanted to keep in contact with my sons sister. At the time she was filling my ear with all kinds of bullshit, that I somewhat believed. She is haitian as well, so while she asked me these questions right down to do we give oral, she claimed she doesn't do that for her "husband". So he continued to deny my child & she would tell me all the bad things he said like how he's never slept with me & the kid is not his, typical. She was happy because she knew that me and him didn't talk nor see each other! That changed about a 2 weeks before my son was born. I called that old friend & he so happened to be at his house! Before talking to him after many months I spoke with his roommate that I got along with. Apparently he talked some sense into him, whatever that means & he finally picked up my call with the same number for so long! I was nervous, scared & happy all at once. He paid for my cab to his place to talk! When I got there all he did was rub my big belly & say this is my son, I'm going to look after him! I picture that in my head everyday. I asked him what he wanted to do? He just sat there & said nothing, typical. I have him a few choices - be a family - help me out when I need it & be here for his son or be on child support & not care. Of course he chose the "hard" way out. I remind him everyday of this day & I can tell the look in his eyes he regrets it. Anyway, when I admitted myself & was giving birth to OUR son he never answered the phone or texts! Another typical. I sent him a picture, still nothing. He didn't care. He looked exactly like him & still does to this day. After our son was born SHE started acting up & being an evil haitian for sure. I tried being understanding & that we should keep in contact for the kids but nope! She was not having it & started calling our son a mutt & all kinds of evil things. She was mad that we were talking & he was seeing his son. So every email I got from her was hate mail! She mentioned they were getting a divorce, but he wouldn't sign the papers, probably another lie. She then started telling me that while I was pregnant they would sit on the phone together & talk to about me, make fun of me together! I couldn't believe that because of their age & the situation, over my head. I can understand she was saying those things to hurt me, she did, but because I hurt her as well! Nothing made sense to me at the time, why is he here? Why is she down there & not here with her husband? How could they be together & married when they haven't seen each other for more than 4 years. If that was me, never! They have the most beautiful daughter ever might I add! She hates the fact I have his only son & that she prefers to stay in her lane & not deal with our bullshit. So everytime she sends me a hate mail I try to be civil with her for the kids, nope! She's still not having it. I guess because she knows that my son is his & will always be! For the past 3 years me and my sons father have been "together". You probably think what does that mean, what about his wife? His "wife" is still living in the states & he's still here with me. I would ask & he would never talk! Nothing was my business. I know deep down he never wanted me in this way nor a child with me! But it's too late for to change that. So many questions all the time! But no answers. All I had was what she told me & most of those were lies. What I found out over the years of dealing with my sons father is that he left her to come to Canada to work & get his PR card. She couldn't come because she needs him to sponsor her, unless she chose to stay where she is because that's what she prefers! She used to send him money & expensive clothes, gifts etc. she might even still to this day. I guess they worked something out & we're all fucken stupid. I know they weren't talking for a long time but often I check his phone & she still sends pictures of their daughter along with pictures of herself? Now, what I don't understand is why I'm still here & putting up with him? Yes we have a son together & I love him so much! But as the days go by I feel more alone & scared as ever to lose him! I fell in love with him over the years, yeah stupid u say. He lies to me, tells me he loves me & cares about us & that we will live together & everything will be as I should. But little did I know he was telling her the same thing, he still loves her & misses her. Yes I understand but at the same time it kills me. He still cares for us & comes around often to play his role. But I'm so far gone that I'm more scared of losing him than letting him go. I can't stand the thought of him talking to anyone else but me! When I go thru his phone he's always talking to different women & saying stupid things to them. Why does he keep looking for more new women? To pay for his needs. Maybe she has a car & lots of money. I don't have a car or a lot of money. I think the most I've done for him was pay for his taxi over. I don't feel as if I should be providing for him when he can't even provide for his son. Another reason he still talks to his wife, they were high maintenance together. But I bet you she has a few extra bucks in her pocket now that she's come to realization that her ex husband isn't such a gem. Yeah I know I'm just as stupid! But I'm blinded by the lies, feelings, sex & our son. I cry almost everyday & wonder why I'm not good enough for him & why we can't be the family we should? I've freaked out on him so many times to the point where he threatens to change his number & "leave me" but he always comes back. When I ask, he always has an excuse & that I should be understanding to his situation but it kills me to wonder when he's gonna walk out for once and all. I've tried "moving on" & dating other people but it never works! He calls at all the wrong times or should I say right times. I push people away because I'm too attached & use of him. I only want him, I love him, I love our son, I'm sexually attracted to him & the sex is always & I mean always good! But how do I find the strength to leave? I can't. It makes me think, we've shared so many "moments" together & he shows me he cares about me & loves me but deep down I feel like he doesn't give a **** about us. Sometimes I second guess if he cares about our son because sometimes he's not around when we spend time together. He makes me feel like I can't find someone else because he's always gonna be around! When is the day his "wife" is gonna come to my city & be back to the way things were. How many times I've asked him what he's doing with me & that I love him so much but It's always the same. Things get better over time & our son continues to grow & he's still here!! He's never found a "new gf" to let's say replace me but he still does sleep with other women & as do I! He says I'm young & talk to much! Am I supposed to sit there & keep my mouth closed! I want him so bad but I know things will never be the way I want them to. Yeah I believe in karma & I'm stupid for staying this long but I can't find the strength to let him go because I have a constant reminder & he still comes around as if things are perfect! I see a lot of these guys do this to women when they know they have a wife & family somewhere else. I will never understand how they wake up everyday & live their life. He ****** me up big time! I'll always love him & we'll always have a beautiful son together so when is enough? Why doesn't he leave me alone & go back to his wife. Why didn't he do that a long time ago? Like I said, he keeps coming back, he doesn't want me with anyone else but him? If he doesn't love me or care for me, what's the sense of lying & sticking around. He gets the same response everytime, I freak out! I get mad or cry & start cussing him, yet he still chooses to come back & act like nothing is wrong. Not to mention we've had 2 abortions after our son, yea I said we, he was there both times as my support! But wasn't there for our son 1st birthday. Thinking with his head. So let me pray that things will get better & I'll overcome this all. Messed up, I know but what can I say. I got myself into it right. Now I have to ride it out.

I am just tired with them... Haitian men there story is always the same ... Only know my own i can only judge them but so far they are ridiculous...

I agree with you. My story is similar. I am 59, a widow. In 2012 I was in Haiti for work, and I met a handsome, educated, charming Haitian young man, 32. He seduced me, we became lovers,and he asked me for a visa to come to the U.S. So I got him a visa, I paid for everything, I supported him here. After some months at my university,he left to go back to Haiti. Well, after that,he told me he didn't want to stay in Haiti, he asked me to support him so he could go to the Dominincan Republic. So I did, I was so crazy about him.... but it turns out all along, before he even met me, he had a Haitian girlfriend. He told me they broke up, so that I would continue to send him money, but he was lying! He even got me to visit him in the DR, but then I started to see all the facebook pictures his girlfriend is posting that show she is with him in theDR! And on top of it he said she got married in Canada for a visa.... hmmm..... and he kept telling me he loves me, wants to marry me, but she is always there with him in the DR! Maybe they actually got married already and just using me.... So I stopped sending him money in January and then he stopped contacting me for a while. I broke off with him (yeah, way too late, right?) but now he's sending me messages again that he wants to live with me in the US forever, even while he posts pictures of his girlfiend on facebook, saying "she's my sweet woman".... what gives with these men??? I don't know why he keeps torturing me like this.

Thank you for this blog ! What you said about Haitian man is so true. I was talking to a Haitian man in Haiti and for years I was afraid to go to Haiti but when I finally decided to go to DR he didn't show up what hurt me the most is that a year later he had his wedding reception to a girl in the states at that same resort. He got his Visa last year and earlier this year he came and contacted me. Mind you I have not spoken to him in 2 years but I was curious what he looked like face to face. It was hurtful because I had fallen for him even if we never met physically and he told me I could have had a good husband had I just come and meet him I would have liked him and we would develop a real relationship. I started to really feel regretful and jealous this other woman made moves and I didn't but then I realized he is not to honerable and truly played with my feelings. Only God knows if he would have been a good husband and I hope one day God mends my heart. Haitian have a way of making you feel guilt even if you did not do anything wrong.

For all of you who had bad experiences with Haitian men, is not only haitian and not all of them is the same it's totally different when haitian men are with Haitian women...keep trying u'll find urs

My thing is I don't think it's just haitian guys it's all of them it doesn't matter what races or colors, not all of the haitian men are the same, you ladies have to be careful with who you are going for because if into the swag , look, money you not going to find the one that you deserve trust me always go for quality dats all... I'm 100% haitian

ONe thing you'll learn, if you haven't already is that no matter what shape, size, or ethnicity they come in, they'll always be men. Has nothing to do with culture. A cheater is a cheater, a liar is a liar. ANd in every nationality, there are good men. Maybe you're attracting the wrong type of guys.

I started dating a harían man May 2013, he is 29 I'm 43, initially I rejected him because of his age; he pursued me relentlessly. I decided to go with the flow. I am a professional, he drives a taxi, not so much of an issue for me other than time. He works so many hours, trying to make money. We didn't become intimate until 4 months into the relationship. When we were dating he and his 'mother' weren't getting along. So throughout I would ask about his mother and wether they had spoke and he would say no she wouldnt take his calls. That always stayed in the back of my mind. I can recall him spending thousands to help his "mother" with furniture and the like. Fast forward to about a week ago he called me, I wasn't able to take his call, so I called back as soon as I could. He answered, he said he was on his way to his "moms". So I'm on the phone with him as he gets to his "mother" he tells me that he will text me??? I asked why couldn't he talk to me at his mothers, after he greeted her?? Nevertheless, for me that poses a problem, you are 29 surely your mother knows you are dating or have a significant other. I began to notice my text messages went unanswered, or seconds after I would reply to a message he would say later he passed out sleep?? I ended the relationship, again he pursued me, I work for a well known law firm so he called me and the phone number came up unknown, I answered it was he wouldn't text ir call me because I wouldn't answer. He gave me his rationale regarding my concerns. Again I gave him another opportunity. As of last Friday, I no longer responded to his text messages after again going days with no response. He did try to call me again at my office from the unknown phone#, this time I didn't answer. I'm done with the relationship. I do believe that his "mother" is another woman. I dont blame it on him being Haitian, I blame it on his inability to realize who he had in his life. I never loaned him money or bought gifts, I never had him to my home, I guess I knew subconsciously this wasnt going to work. #HISLOSS!

The fact is Haitians Guy are not different or bad them the othe , i was with a lot of girl because i can't find someone that respect herself, most of you have bad influence, smoke reads ,party all the time you don't take care yourself seriously you are not kind with your partner but went you at the end now you want someone you try to take the times past. Take yourseluf seriously and every guy will take you like that.acts like a woman don't be a part girls don't be a mightm for your guy and every Haitians guy will fight for you.

just because some Haitians did something bad does not mean that all of are the devils, when an American guy cheats on his wife, does that mean all Americans suck?
no, its like classifying something that someone did to a whole group.
for example: if your last name is "Mme", and if your brother or sister does something wrong, do I have to say all "Mme" family are ignorants. No, everubody is different, everyone makes their own choice, not based on culture, country or skin color.

that's a true statement but not all haitian guys in this new generation are the same. being with many girls is part of human nature.

I'm Haitian I think I'm great

I'm a White guy who would love to have a Haitian woman. Give us a try some time, a lot more White guys are interested than you might think.

So where can we find you?

We're all over the place, lol. Plenty of White guys like Black women, and accents are always sexy.

I think its voodoo to. But with sex. They whisper in your ear while having sex. They telling you they love you and they dont want you to mess with nobody eles. They dont like me. I **** them over. Before they do me. Because they will


Woy! Ou fwayquan!

No mom it's not all haitian men you make a big mistake first when you just in a relationship with some one no matter where theiy from dont just laying donw for them to have sex yet wait until 4 or 5 months to see whats ganna happen i consider my self as a good haitian men i've been in newyork for 6 years since i left my girlfriend in. Haiti trust me or not i never have a no relationship wit no one else first im a church man i teach the bible as sunday school i respect my self in life you have to know what you brain searching for if your brain searching for bad guy u will find bad guy if its searching for good guy you will have a good guy just keep that in your mind.

Well, there is a lot to be said about some of these post. Mine is I been seeing this one forbade year. The funny thing is, I knew about his other female. But I was so comfortable with him and he knew how I felt about him. I even broke down one day and told him I was in love with him and couldn't be his best friend as he called us. So, I thought that was the end of us cause he always said he wasn't ready for a relationship. But, he would surprise me. Basically, I just told myself that one day he would realize how much I truely cared another him. I kept on just being available for him. Now, I'm pregnant and he doesn't want to talk to me till we get a DNA test. All of his friends believe that the baby is his, his reason is because he used a condom. And yes, it's shocking as hell. Cause ibwas shock, but I loved himvso much. Didn't want anyone else. I'm almost for months and we talkesvfor the first time since I told him three days ago. For the most partbwe fought. All I pray for is for him o be a good father. The part that hurts is he just walked away. Even after he knows how I feel. Even after how he feels. I never meant a man that could so easily push his feeling aside and forget how. He feels about you. I can't say much bad about him. So, don't know if I should post to this. I just needed to get it out.

Michael I'm going threw the same situation I don't think there's another female though

Not just. Haitians..every race has unworthy ppl..including women

Well everyone has thier stories..I'm a haitian man who was in love with an Antiguan woman..I paid her rent,helped her earn her accounting degree..took her on vacations..even trusted her to go visiting family in the UK..I did everything I was raised to do as to treating women..we had a simple disagreement on of all days..Valentines day..a few weeks later she has morning sickness .wow! Well when the truth came out..I was ashamed ,shocked about her pregnancy..that Valentine day quarrel..she sought comfort from her brother..he got her pregnant!! Since then..I can't trust any the moral to this story..It's not ones natonality that makes a person..if they were raised in a dysfuntional environment..anything goes!! My only regret is..I loved her and she should've kept that baby as a screwed up her family lives is..the brother Chester the molester screwed 3 sisters and 2 nieces..what hurts more..they protected him!..I'm a proud haitian and upset that some women put us in this group..what's to say about westindian women? It's been years and each time I think of her...I wanna vomit!..she'll never find another love like the love I showered her,education can't erased the stench she represent.

That is so horrible, and I am sorry that you had to go through that. Everything happens for God's divine purpose & plan, so hang in there

I actually believe what you say about Haitian Men being liars, and cheaters. I am a beautiful and sexy Jamaican girl, I met this Haitian guy we exchanged numbers. "Well we would make plans to see each other and he never come through, so I always call and texts him to find out what's going on, when I call him his phone goes straight to voicemail, and when I texts him, he reply with a whole bag of lies. He would say he's fixing something for his mom or whatever which I know is a lie.

I decided to test him out and give him chances after chances. Finally we got together couple times and we had sex once. About a week later he texted me: "I'm sorry not interested". Now I know that all he wanted was to get in my panties and that was my biggest mistake, I should have get to know him better.

I like this guy a lot, he claims he likes me a lot too but I think that's a big lie.

And he's the first Haitian Man I've talked to and mess with.

Good for you. Now I bet you will leave Haitian men alone

I still don't think this problem is exclusive to Haitian men. But I do think part of it has to do with how men perceive you. Many Haitian men from "good families" have conservatives values. It could be these men look down on a woman who immediately gives him sex and money. Sure, he'll enjoy it - meanwhile, he's looking for a "good woman" to marry. American women may think it's normal to have sex while dating, and think helping a boyfriend financially is an act of kindness and generosity, but this isn't really acceptable among educated, middle-class Haitians. This isn't only true of Haitians - in a lot of countries, American women are perceived as sexually "loose" and "easy" just because American culture is different. They make a distinction between women you marry, and women you just have fun with. If you were to meet a Haitian boyfriend by way of introduction through his family and family friends most likely you would have a more positive experience.

You sound like an educated individual, who knows something about life. i like u.:-)

This is my first time dating a Haitian man, at first I thought he was a decent man from a good home with a decent upbringing. He is controlling and crazy jealous.Sometimes I think he's cheating, but I can't be sure, I live in Ontario, he lives in Quebec. He's a good father to his kids, he takes care of his mom, dad, and other relatives. However he's very rude sometimes. I am hopelessly and helplessly in love with this man. I cannot help myself, doesn't matter what he says, or does, I love him. I have never felt this way about any man. It's like I'm under a spell or something.
I have a good job and profession, so does he. Recently he wanted some money from me, I loaned him the money and then he stopped talking to me, he blocked my number, hung up the phone on me, all because I told him that I feel he was only being nice to me because he needed my help and I felt used...thing is, why is it that I cannot leave, is this some sought of spell that he put on me? If anyone can help please reply...

I too am with a Haitian man and i feel like i am also under a spell no matter what he does i just can't leave him ... I actually find myself wanting him more when i do try to leave it's out of my control.. I believe Haitian men do put spells on us woman..voodoo something Haitians are famous for i have many friends who felt the same way in a relationship with Haitian men but no other man has made them feel in a way of Haitian men do...i understand exactly how you feel!

Oh my. It's something I can't explain, I have never felt this way about any other man on the planet. When it comes to this man, it's like I'm stupid, I just love him.I have no feelings or desires for another man...he's not talking to me and I feel lost, like I cannot function, I have said several times that I'm done, but then after a few days, I have this longing to talk to him mad I call or text do we break this spell...

Honey, I just dropped one two days ago. I met him in January and he was telling me that I was the woman of his dreams and that he wanted to marry me. Little did he know that the reason I'm not yet married is because I've been very careful with lying, cheating men. I NEVER invited him to my home because I wanted to get to know him better. I became suspicious when some nights or days I would call him and his phone just rings out and he doesn't get back to me until hours later. I checked his phone this weekend and found out that he has been making hookups with various women at all hours of the day via text when I was at work and he was off. He was too stupid to delete them. He is disgusting and nasty. I dumped his tired looking sorry *** immediately. He acted so simple, humble, and harmless. His english was not good and I parle a little french. It was fun for a while with him learning english and me french. It was refreshing to meet someone who wasn't an arrogant show-off. That's why I was giving him a chance. He seemed so naive and innocent and said that all he wanted to do was make me happy. He really disappointed me. Turns out he was no different than all the other bad men out there. I am very thankful that God rescued me before things got serious. Ladies, there are many wolves in sheep's clothing out there who prey on decent women. Please beware of them. Especially when you have children. I do agree that my experience with this one Haitian man makes me want to never have anything to do with any of them ever again.

I'm glad you understand where I am coming from its crazy

Wow, this is very interesting, “My Haitian Experience With Haitian Men.” As a Haitian man whom you nor your friend dated or would have the privilege to date; I am not offended! I applaud you for giving a voice to the voiceless, and express one of your given rights. I wish that we could solve world conflict online. What a better world we would have? I took me a little while to make sense of your blog, indeed, English is not my first language, but it was not the issue. It just filled with grammatical errors, spelling, jargons, run-on sentences, etc. which led me to believe it makes sense why you and your friend are addicted to Haitian scumbags, thugs, and life rejects.

I admire the fact that you are looking out for your friend’s interest, and it shows the world that you are a true friend, and you will defend her no matter how many feelings you might hurt or how prejudice you may sound. As far as the title of your blog, it is offensive! Obviously, I don’t expect you to withdraw the tittle, but I want you to know that there are about 10 million Haitian people in Haiti, and nearly 6.8 million Haitian men around the world, and they had never done anything to your friend, and I am curious, why you think they are rude, cheaters, and liars.

You are including me into your false statistics! What type of research have you done other than your friend sleeping with some Haitian low lives, and was disappointed? My brother and my Haitian friends have never met you or your friend, and yet, you are accusing them of being liars. What have they lied to you about? It is fair to say from your tone, you are beasty, obese, and have a lack of standard; otherwise, you wouldn’t have to chase Haitian scumbags around, and then later insult an entire ethnicity. Get on the treadmill and stop going to the ghetto.

You should not have disrespected the author or anyone in this forum. You actually kind of proved what she said about being rude. You can state your case without getting personal or disrespectful to anyone. How dare you call her names? Let's all see a picture of you so that we can judge how you look. Based on what you wrote, you sound very abusive to women.

You just proved my point I appreciate your comment everyone is entitle to their own I never chase men I am too busy with my life to be doing that. I'm a college student hard working woman who just want to tell her own story.i don't see a picture of you for you to tell me get on a treadmill. Your a great example towards my story jerk-faces like you get offended because they feel guilty that most haitian men are douchbags.I'm currently dating a Saint Lucian guy best decision I made of my life, sadly he agrees with me with how most haitian men are. I'm not saying all haitian men are bad I'm saying MOST dad is one of the rarest haitian man out there he adores my mom.thank you for commenting

I have to agree with the posters who said this exists across all nationalities. I happen to know a lot of "good" Haitian men - meaning honest, hard-working, kind - who are so focused on helping their parents and relatives, or so focused on a better career or higher education, that they aren't pursuing a relationship. Maybe you're not looking in the right places, or only looking at the handsomest faces. (?)

I don't only think its only Haitian men but every nationality. It's sad :/

My son's father is haitian. He is the biggest liar and left when I was 8 months pregnant. My friend got pregnant by her boyfriend and had an abortion becausr he thought it would be best. She found out a week later he got another woman pregnant and wanted to be in the childs life. That man was born and raised in the united states. It doesn't matter where they are from. make that man prove he loves you. Don't give up *** when he offers you nothing but problems. Let the next man you give your all to be your husband. And even still don't become so wrapped up into a man. They all have great potential to be trash.

I agree with your post. I have no dated many Haitian men but the ones that I did were ok.
There are a few I suppose. I know a man at work that has a wife and just had a baby, he still tries to sleep with women at work. He does not care what they may have, or that he may lose his job, or lose his wife. I have so many stories its sad. They claim to love their wife but see nothing wrong with cheating.

Very true i know there r some good ones out there . The ones i went out with were cheaters , one i suported for 4 months he never paid anything much less did the dishes. 2 i gave a lot of money but never paid me back. He just left with my brand new coffee maker and not even a thank u note lol. Dont worry they will get whats coming to them. The problem that we fall for is they r hot lol. We girls have to stop giving our sex and money to them and see how long they stay .