I Love Being Haitian But, The Restrictions Are...ugh!

I love being Haitian and I fully embrace it. But, the restrictions put upon girls is beyond annoying. There's nothing but, six grown people in my house and, I'm always asked to clean this and that. I could understand before I had a job and, I didn't have to do anything outside of the house like work and school. So, I would do most of the cleaning because, everyone besides me in the house is working. But, now that I have a job and, they giving me more hours every week, my mother keeps saying that in Haiti girls do the cooking and cleaning, it doesn't stop guys from doing it too but, primarily it's the girls job. I keep trying to tell her that cooking and cleaning are things that are taught, the things that girls and guys acquire without being taught are things of nature, like guys having more muscle and women giving birth. But, things like cleanliness and knowing how to cook are taught. I just ignore a lot of the expectations Haitians have for girls.

My mother says that if I don't learn how to cook dinner(I love cooking everything else but, dinner) then, he'll go to another woman's house that knows how to cook. And that, Haitian men generally stop cooking when they have their wife in the house so, I should learn how to cook dinner. I don't think that a guy would really cheat on you because, you can't cook dinner or don't want to. But, that's the mindset my mother has. I guess she forgot that if a man did leave me for such a stupid reason, there's plenty of other fish in the sea.
angey1227 angey1227
18-21, F
Dec 8, 2012