The Misconception Of Dating (A) Haitian Man/Men

I've read several blogs and articles online in which someone, usually a woman, is insulting an entire ethnicity, in this case “Haitian men” solely because she was heartbroken. Why insult an entire ethnicity because you had a bad experience? I think that it is fair to say, I dated a Haitian man or a hundred Haitian men, and that’s what he/ they did to me. Indeed, I am not restricting someone’s freedom of expression, however, it doesn't makes sense to go ballistic by insulting innocent and hardworking Haitian men who had never done anything to you. I understand that it is in the human nature to assume that “everyone” from the same ethnicity thinks alike; the truth is--- it’s inaccurate! We tend to blame an entire ethnicity for our problems. In many parts of the world Americans are viewed as tyrant, but that’s because these people are talking from an emotional perspective or they are fed lies by their government. Americans are not tyrant. My girlfriend is not a tyrant; it is not a factual statement. We make baseless and emotional statement when we are angry, and they usually end up hurting innocent people.

Dating a Haitian man is not a representation of an entire population or a subset of the population. It’s like accusing someone of a crime that he/she did not commit. Can you imagine randomly selecting an individual on the street, and then put him on trial for committing a crime that he never committed just simply because of his origin? So, if you wouldn't do that, then, why putting every Haitian man in the same category? When putting every Haitian man in the same category, it’s no different than saying “you people” which is a racially charge term meaning “you are different from me.” So, please, next time you date a Haitian man or men, and he breaks your heart, he/they did it alone, he/they were not being assisted by 5.8 million Haitian men around the world. Blame him or them not an entire ethnicity!
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3 Responses Mar 26, 2013

a haitian man left me pregnant and alone... nnot to mention abusive verbally after he found out.

Just talked to my haitian bff about dating a haitian man, and she said she would never get into a relationship with them. Also, said, haitian men are known for having a lot of kids, with different women. That they get around. Even told me about her father ways.

Sorry, theirs too many people and even haitians saying how bad haitian men are.

Agreed. People may generalize based on one person. It's not right.