Haiti; -some Cherished Memories....

i was born and raised in Haiti untill i was eight yrs old.  it is a beautiful country and culture, but i can't say I miss the chaos and coup de feu's exactly.  i've been back there once since i left. my whole family is haitian, and i still have family that lives there.

the only things i miss from there are certain street vendor foods, like rapadou or tamarind or pain bobote or patee chaud, cassave and AK-100 and quenepes and papitas and menthes and cola courone and pizza garden...man, i swear they have the best pizza and pizza smell in the whole world! 

I am proud to be a haitian for the life lessons i have learned from growing up there such as Deep gratitude for blessings of abundance and the importance of being well mannered and cultured that have all served me well. If I had children, i would not hesitate to raise them in haiti for at least the first 8-10 yrs of their lives! there's nothing like a good haitian education.

there is one truly longing fond memory that i would like to reclaim from haiti and that is the smell of this cologne or shower gel called FA.

my very favorite memories are of admiring artworks and lighthouses a La Place St.Pierre; especially around christmastime in the evening, it would all be lit up and glow like a dream.

Also there is a certain sound that always made me feel alive.. one which had most people shying away from and barring their gates and plugging their ears....  whenever the marmites would start to clang and the marachas would shake; the drums would thump and your heart beat would match! ...the trumpets and digeridoos would sound that you could hear coming from a block away, I'd be the one running to the slat windows with eyes wide in wonder and excitement with a 2 dollar bill in hand screaming..."Oooo!, J'adore les RaRa!"

The beauty of this haiti.. still exists; even through all the violence and hardships we may hear about. The only difference is that now, the once open Marchee is surrounded by fencing and a gate. just walk by and see if the smell of the corosoles, mangoes and grillo don't lure you in!

all i know is that even though i'm diabetic, I would still pay 50 dollars just to get my hands on a case of that Cola Courone and start duncking my cake in it the minute you brought it to me!Mmmm!!! that would be my little piece of heaven right there.

just wanted to share some of my cherished memories.

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Nice story! Thanks for sharing this story on your been in Haiti. I have not heard such good story about Haiti for so long except the bad ones. <br />
<br />
I miss Haiti but due to all the bad news I hear everyday I'm so scare. I left Haiti in 1993 and I have never heard of someone killing another with a gun, of course vodou I heard that a lot, but GUNS in the hands of civilians?!! That's what scary me. Anyway, I wish Haiti was the way it was in the 80's. I would not give it to the U.S or any other country. Thanks again!