Yes I'm Haitian.
Nope not Jamaican.
Not Bahamian.
Yes I speak Creole.
I am Haitian I don't speak Haitian.
I thought you were born in America so...?
Yeah and your point is what exactly?
Exactly you have no point.
So do you eat cats?How do they taste?
Dafuq?! I didn't even answer your first question,so don't assume that since you heard Haitians eat cats that I do.So on that note, I don't know what cats taste like go eat one of you want to know so badly. Now I'm not go and say ALL Haitians don't eat cats cause some actually do,but please don't go assuming things.
So do you do voodoo?
Umm.....I do the voodoo of God if that's what you meant.Haitians are highly religious (at least the ones I was raised by and know) and love God.They rarely talk about voodoo unless of course they are criticizing it.
Those are just the few things that I've been question about in my short 13 years of life about being Haitian and it sometime really upsets me when I get questions like these,but I answer them nonetheless.
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i hate it when people assume i do voodoo or cast spells and shidd ... like noooo i dont. just paske mwen haitien pas sivle di mwen con cou yo tout


sa k pase ? that is a test