I Am Half Eskimo

My dad is full blood Eskimo. My dad's parent's are full Eskimo's also. And I'm sure the line of family on my dad's side have all been Eskimo's. I hate when people assume that I'm something else. Like chinese, japanese, korean, cambodian, Indian, everything but native american or alaskan native. I have nothing against any of those nationalities. I would like to be recognized for what I really am. I have always wanted to let that out, but never really have. Now I have and it feels good.
My mom is a really big mixture, so I am very mixed. And my husband is a big mixture too, so our son is not a mut, but a baby of all nations. :)

Eskimobabydoll23 Eskimobabydoll23
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1 Response May 26, 2007

My boyfriend is half Eskimo as well & everyone assumes he is Hispanic! I can't even tell you how many people have walked up to him & started speaking to him in Spanish. He's like "Uhh.. umm.. yeah.. I don't know what you're saying!"