The Results...Both

The introverted part of me; I like to be alone with myself and my thoughts sometimes. I do get overwhelmed at times being amongst other people. I consider myself a little shy, but once I get to know you and the feelings are mutual; trust is established..Then the next step is mysterious....:)

The extroverted part of me..Yes I can blend and have some fun with people. I don't like to be conceited, but I can be hearty dominate by being impulsive doing something base on urge in a social atmosphere.

I try to take this quiz down below, but I couldn't answer without marking both choices of the quiz. So I must be both introverted and extroverted. What a mix combination...

How Extroverted Are You?

1. Do you tend to:
     Keep others at a distance
     Keep others close

2.  In general, you feel ____ with others

3. For you, making friends is
     A bit difficult

4. You are told that you are hard to get to know

5. Often times, the world is too noisy for you.

6. For your birthday, you would prefer:
    To be left alone
    To be surprised with a party

7. You hardly ever do things...
     In a group

8. Big crowds:
    Are to be avoided
    Can be fun or exciting

9. When it comes to giving your opinion...
    You tend to hold back sometimes
    You always speak your mind

10.You have the power of persuasion and influence those you know.

11.When you're in a group of people...
      You don't draw that much attention to yourself
      You tend to take charge and be the leader

12.You've been called controlling by some.

13.You're always busy or on the go.

14.On your days off...
      You prefer to be doing something
       You like to relax

15.When you have to juggle many things at once...
     It's no problem
     It's overwhelming

16.When it comes to decisions, you are:
     Thoughtful and careful
      Quick to react

17.You are interested trying extreme sports like skydiving or bungee

18.You love to go to loud concerts

19.You are more likely to be called
      Wild and crazy
      Cautious and stable

20.Your motto is:
      Look before you leap
      "I'll try anything once"

21.No matter what's going on, you tend to be having fun.

22.When you're friend is having a hard time, you:
      Tend to be realistic with your advice
      Try to get them to smile and be more optimistic

23. You love life and rarely feel down.

24. You would say that your sense of humor is more:
       Goofy / fun
       Sarcastic / snarky

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1 Response Sep 20, 2012

Here is a simple rule-of-thumb I was taught years ago: If being around people generally tires you, then you are an introvert. If being around people generally exhilarates you, then you are an extrovert.

I am a person who relates well to others, and enjoys my interaction with people -- but by the end of the day, I am exhausted and I NEED that "down time." The Counseling Professor who gave me that rule-of-thumb told me that I was probably "an introvert with good social skills." You sound somewhat similar in your description of yourself.....