I Don't Like To Seem Very Introverted

Yes I am half extroverted and I love being among people, talking and being social but when i am among a group of people that I am meeting for the first time, at first I can't be comfortable with them and I CAN"T talk alot! When they know that I am not talkative, they try to tease me or make fun of me because I am not talking or joking in that group. I hate these situations because these judgements makes me more stressed and more introverted while I am not fully introverted and I love being social. When i am with a group of people I know for some time and Im familiar with them, I am a talkative, happy, popular and relaxed girl. What should I do to not to look stupid among strangers?
Nanijazz Nanijazz
26-30, F
2 Responses Dec 6, 2012

If I'm with a group of people, I always make sure my hands are busy. If there is food, I'm the one serving because then I have a direct conversation with one person. Otherwise I find something else to do, I often draw, it brings up a subject I know how to handle.

I have the same problem...i get too self critical in unfamiliar crowds and hence come off as quiet and people end up not saying much to me... but i know i can get talkative if with the right crowd of familiar peeps