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Girly Tomboy

I am super girly, I love make-up, pink in my obsession, my nails are always painted, I love skirts and dresses. I could go on and on! But I can get down and dirty and party with the boys too. I can drink as much beer as most men and still put myself to bed, I love 4 wheelers, I can drive a truck through the mud with the best of them and rock it right out if I get stuck. I have herded cattle and sheep and have been covered in dirt and cow sh*t from doing it. There are so many different sides of me :) only a few people have seen them all.
20thcenturygirl 20thcenturygirl 31-35, F 2 Responses Feb 20, 2012

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Awsome------I'm a guy but love to dress like a Girly Girl.
Tomboys are nice, you can be masculine and dress masculine.

But, alas, poor me---I just adore wearing pretty clothes, skirts, dresses etc. I also like to feel pretty wearing cute panties, lacy Bra, Girdle with stockings attached to the garters.
Pretty makeup, FEMININE wig that carresses my shoulders and the cutest pumps you can find.

I dress girly all the way, I am just not afraid to get dirty. I love it that you love to dress girly.

She sounds great! Proof that you can be girly and tough!