I Need a Break!

I have been too creative for my own good. Some people, including me, can't stand this much of creativity. I surrounded by images that threaten my sanity!!!

I know that I don't need drugs to hallucinate

LordVoldemort LordVoldemort
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29 Responses Feb 23, 2009

After writing the 20th story on EP.

When did hallucination start?

OK, you can cut your beard! LOL

I can't sale if I am blind!

EP does make us creative, maybe to prove that instead of cutting our ears we should cut our tongue or blind ourselves!

It seems that all this talk about ears is making me hear things he he he! Besides which EP is bringing out all of our creative sides... airing our total selves so to speak good or bad!!

no obligations, freedom of choice!

I see, so we are cutting of ears!

Thanks for the info


Well said, I shall use that word religiously from now on.

He said.... "Huh?"

I don't recall?

Do you know what he said when his girl said she would take him back?

@PeeDeeDog: Thanks I will, even if I lose my sight!<br />
<br />
@ Warrior Mom: You have a point there. I think that's why Van Gogh cut his ear in the first place

Yes... I might look even funnier in long hair...

you guys are funny. Why would you need ears anyways if your looking at art?

Keep on writing MahsaTB!! :-)

you can always use a wig

Yes. Lucky we are. I bet I would look funnier than you without ears...

I guess we get to keep our ears to ourselves then. Lucky

Ha! I don't either.

I might do that, but I won't give to a hooker!!! I'll eat it when I get hungry. because I don't know any hooker!!

That's right. Just don't cut off your ear as he did.... ;-)

I feel like Van Gogh!! painting dozen beautiful eccentric experiences!!! and I will be appreciated for them about 100 years from now!!!

Don't worry about it. Just keep right on createing....

Maybe! I think I am trying to escape the real world!!

Writing about your experiences and sharing the stories surrounding them, cause the memories to surface. Could that be the halluciating your talking about??

I think I might be high on EP! I have created a lot of experiences.