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... I thought I'd post some of my work here. Never hurts to get exposure/feedback!I've been photographing nature for almost 30 years, and am working on my first book titled 'Coming Home to the Heart of Nature', which will be not only a portfolio of my photographs but some of my essays on the encounters I've had with what I shoot, as encouragement to viewers to start or deepen their own connection to the natural world. This photo is of emerging leaves of a sugar maple. Spring happens so quickly, and this image captures the explosion of new life pretty well. I've always loved trees, and am amazed at the processes in which they grow. New leaves are the solar panels that unfurl to start the photosynthesis machine that will create this year's new growth-
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3 Responses Apr 12, 2011

That's really gorgeous! It almost looks like flames... At first I thought it was a Tiger Lily or Day Lily! I love the translucency of the leaves, that's how I like to view them when I'm contemplating plants. I think you captured just what you wanted to in this photo!

You may wish to get to know Datura - she is the Nature Queen on EP;)

This is a beautiful photo. I love the closeup shot to see all the details of the branch and leaves. The sunlit leaves are beautiful. I always feel the anticipation from the bud to the fully unfurled leaf :) A wonderful vision of nature :) Thanks for sharing :)