Being Haplotype K

you take on your haplotype depending on your sex, so females take on their mothers haplotype and men take on their fathers haplotype. I am haplotype k (mtDNA). haplogroup K is actually a part of the larger haplogroup U. It is a mostly Eurasian haplotype, and is believed to have first appeared when human populations expanded through Europe after the last glacial maximum in 16,000 BC.

Approximately 32% of the haplotypes of modern people with Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry are in haplogroup K.

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This is WRONG WRONG WRONG.<br />
<br />
Women ONLY have mtDNA (mitochondrial DNA)<br />
Men have BOTH mtDNA and Y-DNA.<br />
<br />
Females are XX , while males are XY, hence the Y-DNA.<br />
<br />
While mtDNA comes from the X chromosome, it is NOT the X chromosome. It is a separate thing that exists inside of it. <br />
<br />
All that said...<br />
Men get their Y-DNA from their fathers and pass it down to their sons who pass it down to their sons etc. Women don't get any of it.<br />
mtDNA is passed down from mother to CHILD. Daughters as well as sons have their mother's mtDNA,<br />
HOWEVER,<br />
Only a mother's daughters will pass it on down to her children.