House Cleaning While Dressed

One of the chores of our home is for me to do the house cleaning, this is due to the fact that the other half has allergies to dust.
Every time I do the cleaning I am dressed, not as a maid but as a woman of my age. While a real woman would not wear a skirt, heels and a nice blouse to clean I do.
This event took place 8 yrs ago, I was going to do the cleaning so after breakfast I grabbed a shower and shaved, then I took my time to get dressed. First came my coffee colored French cut panties followed by its matching demi bra, the black pantyhose came next, a deep green half slip with a 2'' scalloped lace hem, once fitted I selected a jean skirt with a kick pleat in the front. The pleat is long enough that when you sit down you reveal your panties to the person your sitting beside. Not classy.
Next came my self made inserts, I positioned them inside the cups I squeezed them into the bra, and repositioned the nipples so that even through the bra you could see my ''headlights'', over the top I wore a red peasant blouse. It was transparent enough that if you worked on it you could see the lace on my bra. A pair of black pumps and I was done. No make up or wig.
I dusted through the house and basement, I was plugging right along in my own little world. I was at ease with myself, I was doing the vacuuming when the door bell rang, without thinking or checking who was at the door, I reached for the door handle, stepped up to open and caught a glimpse of my slip..... Oh well too late to do anything about it, I put my best smile on and continued on.
Well the clown at the door was telling me how good our local candidate was and with him up for re-election could I be counted on for my vote. I told him that this country allows me to keep my vote secret and that's what I will be doing. I closed the door on him, then went and poured myself a coffee and then finished my chores. Molly stay dressed for a while before I went for a bike ride.

mpenner mpenner
Sep 15, 2012