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Sunny Days

I can appreciate a nice rainy day or even just a cloudy day or two, but after two, I start to feel quite cloudy myself. I don't think I could ever live where there weren't a lot of sunny days. The sun brightens everything, including my mood and my whole outlook. I love sunny days!
soulrunher soulrunher 41-45, F 2 Responses Nov 19, 2012

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That goes triple for me. Besides sunny days, being near water does a lot to lift my spirits. If we have too many gloomy days, I've been known to head down to the beach to walk or simplly stare at the water to keep me from feeling too down and depressed.

You are lucky to be able to! ;)

It's really sunny where I live and I appreciate it, but I was in London earlier in the year and it was cloudy the whole week I was there and I loved it. I'm sure it'd get old after a while but it sure is a nice change of pace. No sunscreen required!!

I can see why you would appreciate the change.