It's hard for me to explain well what it means for me to create. Partly because I can't stop looking at my pencils and my new sketchbook(:D). Partly because I know at my best I could never fully articulate something so important to me with mere words. But this is one group I can't leave without a story, so here goes nothing.
There's a profound joy that possesses your very being when you create something. It grips and suspends you in the present moment as if all that exists then is you and your work. The world is tuned out; it can wait. With your instruments - your hands, your body, your mind - you engage in self-expression and you become an artist of change. To me, there is nothing else that gives me a sense of being. Nothing else that better marks: I am living. 

Go Dance. Draw. Paint. Cook. Sew. Build. Design. Write. Make music. Read. Ponder. Play. Run. Act. Live. Make something happen.

That's it. I can't take it anymore I gotta draw or cook or clean something. 
everynothing everynothing
22-25, F
Sep 19, 2010