I Concour!

I feel the exact same way as you do, I just don't feel right if I am not prperly dressed in a suit and bowtie. I won't even leave my house if I am not dressed to the best of my abilities.
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5 Responses Aug 19, 2010

NOTHING like being all buttoned up in a stiff collar and a perfectly tied bow tie!

Thats good to hear i see so many guys in suits in our casual dress down society who look like they have worn the suit to sleep in, I myself have my suits pressed before each wearing,Keep up the good work and keep looking sharp.

Thank you, I take great pride in making sure I am looking as most elegant at all times. Of course my suit trousers are neatly pressed as well as the rest of my suit. I would not wear a garments or article of clothing that wasn't neatly pressed.

You look very elegant in your grey three piece suit good attention to detail i like your suit very much the colour is my favourite are your trousers pressed.

Nothing beats the feeling of a suit and tie. The snug feel of a buttoned jacket and tie makes a man feel fully realized.