I Don't Like The Cold

One thing about growing up in Minnesota is that you either get used to the cold and make the best of it, or you don't and move away. I for one cannot stand cold weather and only return for occasional visits. I have found the sun shines more in some states than others.
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2 Responses Nov 23, 2010

i'm sure that was a typographical error... sunny.<br />
maybe i should start a new group... 'i'm happiest when it' s SUNNI" :P

i'm in virginia beach, va and i understand. i know quite a few people minnesota and other northern states. they enjoy making fun of our snow removal and other reactions to cold weather, but yet when they move here they never seem to leave. lol personally, being an avid boater, i'm as far north as i ever want to be. i visit my daughter up in jersey, but don't think i could ever be happy living there. in fact many of my boater friends are enroute on the intercoastal to key west and the bahamas. lucky them.