How Do I Love You?

I am gardening in the back yard. Diligently clearing out the grass mostly so the plants will have less competition to grow...It is looking lovely and all the flowers and plants are stretching toward the benevolent sun as she strokes and caresses them to grow faster and taller. I pause to watch the birds frolic in the fountains. There silly chatter is cheerful and light! And I pause to notice the brilliant blue skies-the lightest shade of blue- resplendent with fluffy, bold white clouds floating on by...The vivid perfection of the skies are a constant source of delight for me....I think of you...As you go about your life, doing what you do and being the wonderful you that you are...Your sky is not the same as my portrait here, but I am certain it is just as splendiferous as this one beaming at me in my garden. And I am full of love for you! Forgive me for loving you like this...You are not afraid, though...You have said as much to me. And you are slowly filling with the realization of all of this...The wonder, the beauty, the wisdom, the naturalness of it...I am beaming now, myself. You do not say much. That is fine. Because when you do, it bursts forth with enthusiasm and tenderness. I hang on your every word trying to remember when each one sweetly cascaded from your tender lips...And I revel in your beauty, in your soul, in your poetry, in your eyes, in your thoughts...I relish each tiny syllable and taste the fruit you provide. This love we is indescribable in words...I cannot do it true justice. I can only try...And I go about my life. And I think of you in moments. And minutes. And on and on and on....I know you pause as well. I love you! I love you! I love you! I know you can't hear this. But I know you feel it! And it is enough for me. That is all I wanted to tell you....I love you so very much....Kisses...Kisses...Kisses....
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2 Responses May 5, 2012

I used to love gardening. I didn't do anything but the flowerbeds around my old house, but it was therapeutic. It's great to get lost in the work of it all and then enjoy the beauty afterwards. Especially when you notice how it looks a few days later. I worked through some dark times in my garden. How wonderful it is to be in love too. Your story is lovely. I don't garden anymore and i'm not in love anymore but maybe again someday.

Is this what you posted for me to read in the note you sent me?

OK kinda didn't understand.. I will read it now.