I Miss the Sun In Winter

Living in Ontario we get more than our fair share of gloomy overcast days. Often throughout the winter more than half of the days have no sun. I guess this is a big part (for me anyway) of what causes the winter blahs. A couple of years ago a friend turned me onto tanning as a way of helping beat the lack of sunshine. I do it to feel better not to actually tan. I am lucky to have dark skin so I never burn anyway. I only do enough to feel better because of course it's not the healthiest of activities but I think in moderation it is a good thing. I always feel much better after a session. If you suffer from the winter blues and haven't tried this, give it a shot. It worked for me.

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7 Responses Jan 11, 2009

Where does one buy a happy lamp Miss Mello? :)<br />
solar powered ggzo?-lol<br />
Agreed krysi. It is a now and then thing for me. I rarely go more than once every two weeks or so.

I live in Ontario also, and have been going to the tanning beds in winter for a few years now. It really does help! I am totally a summer person, so a summer day in winter now and then really helps beat the blahs!

I too call myself "solar powered". I love the sun and the warmth. <br />
The cold and snow is okay for a while...but winter can be too long for my liking.<br />
Great suggestion bass !!!

Yes I know about those. Even Sears sells a version of them. I'm not sure I want to feel like I'm under the warming lights in a Burger King though-lol<br />
Some UVA and UVB is good for you. Especially women. The level of osteoporosis is much higher the further North you go because the winter sun just doesn't do the trick. Everything in moderation. The general consensus now is that everyone can benefit from 10-15 min of sun a day. Then you put on your sunscreen.

you can buy special lights to sit under that mimic the sun and don't damage your skin. i'm thinking of getting one because i definitely feel it when it's not sunny. i think the company is called northern lights or something.

Whenever I visit someplace warm that has a lot of sun I often wonder how great it would be to wake up to that every morning. Gloomy days are the worst.

i live in the seattle area... moved here from california near the beach... so now everyday is gloomy and rainy... i miss the sun !!!!