Help The Needy Children

I'm sure many of you have been told that you're "selfish" for not wanting to have children. Almost everywhere you go, you hear about volunteer opportunities to "help needy children". Has anyone ever thought about this: If everyone who has no desire and/or ability to be a parent would recognize this and act accordingly, there would not be so many needy, disadvantaged children. People think you're selfish for refusing to bring a child into a bad situation where he/she would be neglected and unwanted. When non-maternal women have kids, society suffers on so many levels. These children are behavior problems in school, and many grow up to be troubled adults who end up either in jail or on welfare, or bringing children of their own into bad situations. Don't misunderstand; I'm not judging poor or disadvantaged people. There are plenty of affluent, professional, college educated people who have no parenting skills and turn out troubled or neglected children. Think of all the money government programs pour into helping needy children, think of all the hours volunteers spend away from there own families to help needy kids. Think of all the emotional and psychological issues kids suffer when they have incompetent, uninterested, or absent parents. All this could be prevented if more people would make decisions such as we have.
Society would be so much better if everyone would just take care of their own children, and everyone who has no ability or desire to do so would just recognize this and make the decision not to have kids. I'm not saying people shouldn't have kids; I'm saying that only the ones with the true desire and ability to to the job right should have kids. Should you have children? Only if you call into this category: You and a commited partner ( ideally a spouse) have the parenting skills, physical strength, financial means, available time, interest, and intent of providing the child with a good home environment, and raising him or her to be a courteous, responsible, productive citizen. If only the people who fall into that category had kids, society would not have so many disadvantaged children, or so many of the problems it does.
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I used to work in the welfare office and what you're saying is right on the money. I too am happily childless. Although I think I would be a good parent, I don't want to be one and any child I had would suffer because of that