If It Happens It Happens; If It Dosen't It Dosen't.

Most of my life I used to think I wanted children. I mean, that's the "American Dream" right? Grow up, get married, 2.5 children and white picket fence? When my husband and I married we decided to wait on any baby plans because there was much that needed to be accomplished first. However, it was after my husband joined the army and I experienced base life that turned my opinions around. Most of the army wives I met were housewives who did nothing with their lives except breed, shop and sometimes cheat on their husbands. And like many of the moms mentioned on here already they would act bewildered or even offended when I told them we did not have children and did not plan on having any any time soon. After seeing how miserable and shallow their lives seemed to be I realized I did not want that for myself. Many of them had children young and never did anything else with their lives. My husband is now out of the army, we are both in college and after nearly seven years of marriage are still child free. I am happy with the way our lives are. We can do whatever we want, go wherever we want and can just enjoy being with each other and not having anyone else to be responsible for. I am not saying that we will definately always be child free but my husband and I both have the mindset that if it happens it happens if it dosen't it dosen't. If we never have children I will not feel unfulfilled for that is not where my fulfillment would come from. I wish to earn a degree and do something more to show for myself than I know how to **** and push out a kid like millions of other women do each day. I want the mark I leave on the world to be something that I accomplished that actually took talent or skill. So I am in no hurry to become a mother. If it is meant to be it will happen of its own accord. If not then it will not.
Onedayacometwillfall Onedayacometwillfall
Aug 12, 2010