No Kids?

I was never really around much younger chidren growing up. Never babysat. People look at me strange when I say i don't have kids.Was my descision a while ago not to have them. Not everyone has to have them to feel fulfilled. Work on other aspects,Family career and self awareness.
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*sigh* Our ONLY major difference, thus far.........

I always wanted kids, but so far my Holy God hasn't given me any..........God DOES still perform miracles, though!!!!!! :-)

He does many wonderful things. keep praying.

If he told me WE would have kids, would you believe me?

We could adopt.Loving smile!

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parakeet8157, I think you have things figured out. You should never rely on your children ( or any other human being, for that matter ) to feel fulfilled. Self-esteem has to come from within; otherwise, it would be called "other people" esteem. You can get along better with people if you don't rely on them to make you complete/happy. Many good mothers say that while they love their children and enjoy motherhood, it is not their identity and their children don't "fulfill" them. Parenthood is not for everyone, nor is it the answer to a person's happiness.

So true .I'm glad some agree with me.Thanks for the insightful comments.

I was around younger children, I babysat and I still have the same beliefs as you do. Having children is not for me.

glad to see i'm not alone.Thanks alot.

It's true, you don't need to reproduce to have a fulfilling life. Good for you to see that parenting isn't your road, and finding the one that is.

Have believed this for awhile. Thanks for understanding.