I Just Don't Want Any.

I have many reasons why I don't want any kids. This world for one. I hate to sound selfish but I don't want to have to lose my game time for anyone. I don't want the responsiablities. My husband and I are happy without any kids. We don't hate them we just don't want any. We have babysitted others kids. Which is nice cause you can give them back.lol.
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All sounds like good reasons to me. I'm the same way, really. I don't see the point in bringing someone into a world that is going to saddle him or her with some pretty intense debt. I like my leisure time too much. And I earn my leisure time through taking care of too many responsibilities as it is; I certainly don't need a child on top of all that I already do. The money my wife and I earn only just keeps our heads above water month to month. (And I would never consider child credit since I don't believe in it, total waste of gov't resources right there.) So, I definitely understand where you're coming from. Live your life as you wish, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. It's a shame that some people are so engineered toward breeding that they cannot conceive of how anyone does not/could not want children. Some people were just born to be breeders and they have a one-track mind with regard to that.

And your reasons sound more than good enough to me. =)

I just don't want any. My lack of desire to become pregnant, give birth, and care for a small life is as absent in me as desire to eat pizza, go camping, dress nicely is absent in other people. I make lists of why I don't want them only to appease people who need to know WHHHHY!!! I don't want kids.<br />
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Not to mention, I'd likely be a sucky parent.

Yeah, why do we have to explain why we don't want any. Do people have to explain why they want them? I'd probably be a bad parent myself.

You're not selfish; you're wise. You've thought about this issue and have decided that you don't want/can't handle all the work, expense, and responsibility that parenting entails. Many people don't think about it and end up being bad parents. My philosophy is this: Don't have them if you can't and/or won't raise them. It's not selfish to not want children; don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise. What's selfish is if you have them and expect others to raise them for you.<br />
If you really love children, you can enjoy them a lot more if you don't have any of your own. You can just be the "fun person" and not have to enforce discipline. Many kids treat their parents horribly, but they will be nice to someone they only see occasionally. You can play with them, talk to them, buy them things, show up for all their activities and events, but not have to provide for all their needs or worry about being a "good example" all the time.<br />
Anyway, just "liking kids" is not a good reason to become a parent. You're not raising children; you're raising adults. That is, or should be, the ultimite goal of parenting: to produce another adult. If you're not up to that challenge, then everyone will be much better off if you don't have kids.<br />
You don't need to defend your decision to me. I get it.<br />
Take care.