Childfree and Loving It

I like kids and everything. I do. But when I finally realized that I didn't want any, and that I felt all right about that, it was a very happy day for me! So liberating. :-)
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4 Responses May 15, 2007

totally agree you know that decision is for you because you become at peace with yourself

Loveroftheworld, you really hit the nail on the head. That comment is a grand-slam home run. Right on!

I think a lot of women are selfish to have children. They want to join the "club" and be a part of "society". Then they want society to help them monetarily and emotionaly to raise their children. Talk about SELFISH.

Some people would think this is selfish. I think it's realistic, and honorable that you're honest about it. Children are alot of responsibility and very time-consuming. There's nothing wrong with NOT wanting that in your life. If more people were that honest and responsible there would be less child hunger, runaways, abuse, and childrens' homes. Love 'em and send 'em back home to the folks! That's the ticket! lol.