Never Never Please

Hello. I am happily childfree, but I guess I never really thought too much about having kids except when I thought I should feel guilty about not having them. You hear that women who don't have kids are selfish, mostly - but, I figured out soon that women who do have kids are selfish, too.

Everything we do is selfish.

I got tired of answering "why," though, because I never ask women, "Why did you want kids?"

noplease noplease
3 Responses Feb 16, 2009

Know just how you feel, noplease....I can't wait 'til I'm past forty and people stop asking if I'm going to have kids :)

noplease - To be fair, some of us DON'T like children. I don't. Can't stand them. Does that mean I'd like to murder them? No. I just don't like them.

Isn't it funny how you felt the need to explain that even though you don't have children, you like them? It's like there's an automatic assumption about those without children, and one we quickly jump to defend.