I am 29 soon to be 30. My whole life I have watched my high school bff get pregnant, my aunt, cousin and in most recent years my adult bff get pregnant and have kids. And what is crazy to my one my aunt had her one got married had another done. My high school bff had one and over a 5 yr period had 3 more. My cousin have one cuz she wanted someone to love her(crazy) and my adult bff had one said she didn't want more and is pragent again as of this writing. I love sex too. But what happened to some birth control? Its now need to get pregnant say this is my last one and turn around like a year or less later and you back to square one.  Kids are cool. If it was another date and age like 1800 or 1700 of that nature I would. But to have kids in this day and age is crazy. Plus I feel there are alot of unwanted kids in the world now. When I get to be a millionaire I will adopt. But birthing nope. Too much pain. I like being free. And mind you I came from a family that let us do what we wanted to do. I think one of the reason why I dont have kids is becuz my mom once told me that she wont watch my kids if I had any. And I didnt want to be home babysitting while my friends where out. And than as I got older it just looked like a big hassle to me. You know w/the baby dad and baby moma drama thing. So I feel like be child free is cool. I love my cousins and maybe my brother will have some kid for my mom now. I am cool w/ out kids.  

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1 Response Mar 19, 2009

Childfreedom is cool. :) Like you said, being able to do what you want, when you want without having to find a babysitter, the extra money you can use on get the drift. :)