All In The Name Of God

I have been divorced for one year. Everyone said that things would get better and they did. I met a man who talked alot about God and serving God. His house is being foreclosed and he seemed to take it in stride. I thought this was a great man to meet! We have been seeing each other for two months. Everytime we go out I pay or I invite him over for dinner ( I always send him home with food). I told him it makes me feel bad that I am always the one who invites him. He said he can't afford to spend any money. We have never kissed, held hands, or cuddled. I now feel like he is unavailable to me and to be honest I feel like I am being used. He has never offered me a cup of coffee, send me a free e-card, or send me a free rose. I began to think something was wronge with me! I had told him how I felt a month ago but nothing has changed. I see him in church but I have decided not to invite him to do anything more. He never bought me a x-mas card (99 cents). I feel like he is selfish and self-centered, all in the name of being a follower of Christ.
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2 Responses Jan 13, 2013

Some people do not need anyone

Yes, you are right. Sounds like he's using you. Just because someone goes to church doesn't mean they are a good person.