I Hope One Day I Will Be Happily Married..

As having been in a relationship for 8 years now but still not yet married, I can say that I wanted to be married with this great man. And I hope that I, too will feel blessed and be as happy and contented with what the marriage life can offer. I hope that through ups and downs of life, we'll sail it through together.

Congratulations to everyone who made their commitment and vows to their better-half into REALITY. 

Cheers to this group!

karroll karroll
26-30, F
4 Responses Jul 30, 2010

Marriage is a big commitment and indeed shouldn't be rushed into. It does have its rewards. Most people who hope to be married someday have the same wish that you do. It is like everything else in life you have to work at it. Communication is a good starting point. Remember no marriage is flawless. If all marriages were like that there would be need work on it . As most married people know it doesn't work that way.

=) No worries.

you never failed to amaze me with your advices, Jay. :)<br />
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exquisitely perfect!<br />
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Things like this have to come naturally though. People shouldn't rush into marriage. Even if you're both ready, it comes when it comes.<br />
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I feel that the longer the relationship without marriage lasts, in your case 8 years, the stronger the foundation, and that's more enchanting and special than any artificial love force created through marriage. With that, the marriage will be stronger, and last much longer.<br />
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If a building doesn't have a solid foundation, then building will fall down or be more prone to destruction... I guess it's kind of the same thing.<br />
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Marriage should be celebrating the ultimate love and trust that has already been established, it shouldn't be there to push it forward, it should already be pushed forward.<br />
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Marriage is a heavy committment, you are both essentially becoming one person, with your partner and you together. It should be a sacred thing, a big step, but those that are ready can face it head on, but through the fusion of their souls they can become much stronger than either alone, and take on any challenge.