I Love It!

My husband and i have been through some difficult times...we had to seperate due to a drug and alcohol problem he had...after an 8 month seperation i just knew we were done forever..i moved on and even dated...in the meantime i heard through the grapevine he got arrested for a dui...that was his bottom. we didnt speak a word to each other in over 8 months..my heart ached for him and i heard he had gotten help!!...We had a long talk I had isues and faults as well that i needed to work on. ...hes clean and sober now!!  We are very happy!!   he is so good to me..bringing me coffee when i first wake...breakfast in bed...i love doing loving things for him as well...like making his lunch , inserting a love note in the lunch bag...life is SO good!..we have been together for 10 years and been married for 7...times have been rough at times but we i believe are truly soulmates!!!
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2 Responses Aug 10, 2010

Wow, this is another fairy tale ending! :) Cheers to a happy life ahead for both of you!

Always like a story with a happy ending. I am glad for you. Good wishes for the rest of your life and I hope you will keep us posted.