20 Years Old And Married

Yes people call me crazy and people think i am dumb but honestly i dont feel that way. i got married august 4th and im really happy with the decision i made to marry him. i love him with all my heart and it is quite clear that i would never hurt him nor would he hurt me. i hate the people that sit there and crucify me for this. it is my damn life stay out of it, you dont know how i feel about him, i love him mroe than words could ever say. he is the biggest part of my life and people actually dont see how much he has changed my way of thinking and feeling. i was abused my entire life and he has never laid a hand on me let alone yelled at me. that is honestly very important to me. i have made him mad and all he did was walk away. he is also very considerate of my feelings. if he knows that i am sad he will try his hardest to put a smile on my face. alot of people sit there and think she is dumb but i dont care how anyone else feels about this decision i have made because all that matters is that we are both happy in the lifestyle we shall live.
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3 Responses Sep 28, 2011

I totally agree but people will never do that. People will crucify everything you do until the day you die. I hate it but we all go through it.

i certainly wont crucify you over this, i'm in the same position. i am 21 and recently proposed to my girlfriend (she is 19). everyone i know thinks we're crazy for wanting to get married but she is everything to me, i love her more than anything in this world. i think people need to butt out of other peoples lives and just let them be happy.

See people can make it, and that is what people dont see. they think that just bc we are so young that we dont know what we are doing. we thought it through and settled the disputes beforehand and now here we are.