My Internet Relationship

I met my husband online in a yahoo game room.  I only went in there because i love playing solitaire games and was looking for something different to play.  We met and just chatted in the room for a while.. then we started talking in personal IM..  before I knew it we were on the phone every single night for hours and hours.  He lived 1000 miles away from me and 6 months later I moved to where he was to "see if this relationship" could actually work in person. 

It did!!! and I couldnt be happier.  We have officially been together for 4 years and we just got married this past April.. on tax day... ha ha ha.. easy date to remember.

My husband is a great funny caring loving man who doesnt judge me and makes me happier than any other person I have ever known.  He is good to me and for me. 

Of course, no relationship is without hardships.  We have had our share but we always work through it.  I contribute that to being able to communicate no matter the content.  And of course, we made a deal when we were still talking on the phone long distance... NEVER GO TO BED ANGRY.  Believe me when I say that has not been an easy task.  There have been nights that we didnt get any sleep at all and had to go to work the next morning.  But the premise behind that really works.... we resolve o0ur issues and sleep well without the worry that in a later disagreement some old issue will resurface.

I could not have hand made a better man for me.  He is my world.

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6 Responses Nov 17, 2006

Lucky!! Wish mine coulda been that way :(

I actually met my hubby online, too. :) Congratulations on your marriage!

Amazing how similar our story is. We also met on the internet 12 plus years ago. Like 3000 miles apart. We also emailed and then talked every day and 6 months later were married. That was over 12 years ago. And life has been wonderful for most of the time.

wow, this is great. i am also in a long distance relationship for more than two years already and it is still going strong. I have just returned from a trip to see him abroad and spent more than a month with him... our motto is also never go to bed angry as we in touch most of the day via sms and of course meet online when we have the chance. I am happy that there is good clean stories around and that my long distance love whom i met on the internet is not unique. its good to know that online love turns out to be good offline too when you eventually meet in person!

NEVER GO TO BED ANGRY that is soooooooooooooo TRUE!!!!! I also met my fiance on the internet you can read my story if you like. I hope you two have a great life together. =))