We Have Been and Continue to Be Best Friends

He may be in a rush and have many demands on his time, but he takes the time to tell me what is happening and makes a time to speak, meet, or do something together. At the end of every day, we share a little about how we thought of the other when apart, and tell of something we like about being back together at our home.  This ritual has never been planned, it just happened, we merely recognize it and are happy with it, so will not change it.  

He may be saddened by things happening in his or my family, but he can send a smile or wink my way, or stop by as he passes in the kitchen or hallway just to touch my face or hand or give a loving kiss and hug. When he comes home after I have, he comes to find me. He never yells, he does not go immediately to the T.V. or some other interest. I do the same thing. It just happens naturally this way, we recognize it, and are thankful, and do not want to change it.

He takes out the larger vessels of trash and if I do not get to the small ones, he will take them out.

He will not allow me to wash the dishes if I have prepared the meal. I have tried to sneak around him...I might get one or two little things done, but that is all.

He sees that I am able to have all the necessary tools to run the home AND keep my self educated, and attractive. I pay for about 1/3 of this myself, and offer to pay more, but he will not allow it. So, instead I put the money away for a disaster or maybe a trip with him. 

He never thinks to clean some areas, and that is ok with me, I chip in and get it done:  I dust the baseboards and window sills once a month and I wash down the bathroom cupboards, walls and mirrors every three months.  I also try to discourage spiders and ants in various ways including using a long fluffly duster to get at the webs in the vaulted ceilings. He thanks me, and then a few weeks later, I may find him attempting to do the same tasks.

We take turns cleaning the toilets, shower and tubs.

He tries to iron his own shirts, I've shown him better ways, and he is getting good at it. Sometimes, he has them done at the cleaners. Once in a while when we have both been too busy to get the ironing finished, he will ask if I have any time, I usually can find it FOR HIM.

He would Never tell a story on me  and I would never do it to him. Private sorrow, anger, hurt and doubt are kept between us alone.

I have big Journalist ideas, creative moments of painting, decopage, or sewing.  While in moments like these, he tries to help a little more.

He has large chunks of time devoted to stage performance, coaching of principles in the opera, and pracitce.  During times like these, I cover a little more of his duties.

We share how we feel after our performance, interaction with someone, or day at work.

I do all that I can to support his friends and vice versa and we choose friends carefully together.

We e mail eachother at least  once a week, either at home or at work, we call at mid day several times a week, and at the end of the day before heading home we connect and decided what we may need to do or change our plans.

We have discussed religion, politics, art, music, poetry, Italian, French, and the respective countries of these languages. We have planned for possible bad events, and for funeral services. 

We adore just being in eachother's space. 

He is a mathmetician par excellance and I am an emotional intuitive with a gift. When he needs to understand more about the realm of feelings or motives ( not often needed, actually,) he comes to me. When I need my feelings understood and apreciated, I go to him.  I rarely need math beyond the basics, some ratio and proportion, and a little algebra, but if needed, he would solve ANY PROBLEM.

We adore some of the same movies, and books.  When we were married, we rearranged the books and media shelves to accomodate my stuff and found many duplicates.  Many of the items not seen by the other, were given as gifts, rather than given to the used book store.

The list can go on, but this is enough for you to get the picture. We are friends.  It began early, before age 10.  Lived accross from eachother and saw eachother in school, nearly daily, for years.

We are so comfortable and trusting with eachother, that our sexuality  is fun, loving, truthful and satisfying.

We never want to be without eachother, but recognize that it may happen; if one of us joins the great beyong before the other.

It is not at all a happy thought to be left alone for a little while, but we hope to be rejoined and carry on our spiritual friendship.



Radiant Radiant
56-60, F
Mar 27, 2007