I Can Be Me And He Will Still Love Me.

I am so happy with the man I found. He is awesome. It's funny he doesn't do anything most wome would consider romantic. He is what I like to call ''All that is man.'' He drinks beer and get's frisky, he burps excesivly loud, he loves to tickle me ( which gets really annoying cause I'm very ticklish) and he doesn't express himself unless he is angry or hyper. And you know what I wouldn't change anything about him. He makes me feel so happy and beautiful. We get along so great cause I am not your typical woman either. I curse, I also burp loud, and I will never read a ''chicky'' magazine. We are happy being married to one another. Gee we kinda act redneckish.....lol.
Tara277 Tara277
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3 Responses May 20, 2012

Aww...you two sound so happy with one another! I wish you much more happiness for the years to come!


It's wonderful to be married and accept each other as they are. You're going to be with him for a very long time, and to love him as much as he loves you is the greatest gift that any marriage can give. You're very lucky and he is as well.

Thank you so much. We tell each other we are lucky to have found each other.

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Its so wonderful, you love your man and living with him. Its a real gift to have your man by your side during thick and thin.<br />
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Accepting eachother the way they are is the best gift you can give eachother. All the best for your life. There is no one u need to answer but god for who you are. Enjoy life.<br />
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All the best. Anything really happy or sad, drop in a mail, will definitely be there share both